Monday, 20 July 2009

The week

Can't believe not updated for just over a week. I've played a fair bit of poker this month, and experienced a huge swing since the last post. I recovered nearly £1k to go up £400 for the month, and have consistently lost since to go -£1.4k down. After I got into the black I started to 9 table and it's harder than I remembered. I dropped a few hundred there but by far my worst results again are at PLO. The game continues to take huge shits on me. Thoughts on this hand? Fold the turn? Gay hand nonetheless.

I came up to Newcastle on Thursday for a long weekend starting at Aspers for £30 freezout where I ended up missing out on final table by a few players, shoving over a 'steal' with 33 but finding KK. Onto the cash tables and made a few hundred, making a few nice hands versus one player who just loved putting money in the pot. Easy game. Super LAGtard Holmes plays crazy (link amended on right) and eventually gets AQ in preflop versus QQ but finds the 3 outer.

Friday I would have played the £20 at the Grovesnor which has seen awesome numbers lately. But I'm still banned. Not going into details here but it's really quite farcical. So me and Holmes just dossed around all day playing on the Wii in between poker sessions. I dumped off another few hundred at PLO Friday and early Saturday before the rest of the lads came round for £5 rebuys, four player Mario Kart on the Wii, muchos pizza and muchos beer. I'm shit at Mario Kart but pretty handy at bowling.

The poker I end up rebuying a few times, raising and betting quite a lot, which I really can't get away with anymore. Everyone knows I'm a spewtard at these home games. Fortunately mid game with reasonable blinds I go on an epic card rack heater and with my distinct lack of any kind of table image, I amass most of the chips in play. It still takes a huge suckout HU when I shove with Q3 to find TT but get there anyway. Ship the £60. Six pizzas, 10 cans and four 12th places later we play a £10 freezout and I am deservedly the first player out, calling far too much preflop. Around 4am Sleepawoody makes an appearance and it's time to call it a night.

After approx 4 hours sleep a night Thursday-Sunday I have slept ALL DAY today. And I do mean ALL DAY. I had planned to put in about 6 hours of poker today but it's hard to play when you're asleep. I went to bed at midnight Sunday, slept till 8am, had a piss then a glass of water, slept 9am-1pm. Woke up, had lunch, sent some emails, watched some CR stuff, fell asleep 3pm-7.30pm when I was rudely awoken by a text from Holmes accusing me of slacking off as he hadn't seen me at the tables. Yeah but seriously thanks for that or I'd probably still be in the land of nod now.

After my latest downswing I shall be moving down again but this time with a bit of a challenge. Holmes is running amazing well so far this month, with a winrate of around 20bb/100. This is obviously not sustainable and we both have a laugh about it, but at NL50 and concentrating on just 6 tables I think I can actually sustain 10bb/100 which would mean I'd be back to even for the month in just 14k hands. Mid month I was just looking to autopilot and my only aim was to rake about £300 per day, which is BAD BAD BAD target setting. Time to get back on track and win my moneys back. If I do manage to breakeven this month I'll still be banking about £2k as I have already raked an enormous amount. Will wait to see how the fine points of the new PP system works as I think I might save my PPs up as I should hopefully have 100k by the time Vegas comes round, which would be a nice $1k 'bonus' to cash in just before I go. Anyway 14bb/100 tonight over 600 hands, going to play another session on the late shift tonight, sustain Brenos, come on!


Poker play the Soap way said...

Fold pre flop if want genuine feedback - 2 outs and a non flush draw with dangler is minging hand

Poker play the Soap way said...

* non nut

Brenos said...

4 handed blind vs blind? Nit!