Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gay poker

I didn't play any NL50 since my last post. At least not in the traditional sense. I did a bit of strategy reading about shortstacking and decided to give it a go. A few sessions later and I'm a 5bb/100 winner at NL100 shortstacking 20bbs over about 3k hands. I can easily play 10 tables with this style and with the double up and leave strategy I constantly need to be cycling and sitting on new tables. This is great for the rakeback, as any Prima regular will testify in regard to Fish_Crusher owning the rake race leaderboards. Pretty sure he's a losing player though.

Anyway I had a nice handful of sessions to start and decided to move up shortstacking 1/2 at $40 a time. Queue 25 'buyin' downswing finishing $780 behind EV. Great timing. The climb in stakes was a bad move though, I didn't fully understand the variance in this style of play and paid the price. Add to that at any one time the chance of Brenos running like total shit is about 95% and it's not good. I've since steadily built back up to some semblance of a bankroll shortstacking NL50.

A few months ago give me a chance to talk to a "professional shortstacker" and I wouldn't have had much nice to say. But actually playing and understanding how you can put people in hugely -EV spots unexploitably is really quite *gasp* "fun" to play. Twenty buyin stretches behind all-in EV excluded. Still got a few spots to fine tune but I shall plug away furthermore in an attempt to rescue my third awful month in four. I couldn't resist buying in full on one table tonight though and taking a couple of regular buyins from one monster fish.

Also over the past couple of weeks I've been playing in Photoshop creating a modded card deck for Prima/Ladbrokes. This has taken probably far too much of my time but I'm really pleased in the final results and this deck of cards provides awesome visibility for multitablers and especially anyone playing Omaha. In what can only be a plus EV and high Karma move, I've shared my creation on the 2+2 forums, check out the last page of this thread for link and instructions. Good luck all :-)

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FkCoolers said...

You'll eventually reach a level where short stacking is no longer profitable. Fortunately for you, 50 NL and 100 NL is far from the cutoff. Those retards will still raise into you with small pairs and suited connectors. Some people will never learn and it's our job to take their money.