Thursday, 30 July 2009

Focus, and another VIP day

This month I have played absolutely all over the place. I sucked at 6max, crushed at HU, sucked at 6max some more, got completely owned again at PLO, spewed off at HU, won a bit shortstacking, lost a lot shorstacking running 30 buyins below expectation, and finally... started crushing at 6max again.

Soap kind of hit the nail on the head when I met him at Teeside, saying that I'm concentrating too much on rake and the bonuses that entails. I would lose £100 a day but rake £300 and I'd think, "ah well that's ok". Suppose it is as a one off but it became a bit of a trend. So this last week I've slowed things down a lot and concentrated on just four tables of 6max. I've since installed a program called PlaceMint, which arranges windows into 'slots' by program title. This is awesome and has also helped me focus on four larger tables, with two smaller slots on the side of my screen for table selection. I'll be keeping it like this for the foreseeable future.

I wish I'd done this a lot sooner. One good month last month giving me a good bankroll to play with, I try way too many new ideas and just bleed money. Lesson learnt. Sod's law that they now introduce a new rake race for Killarney, but I should manage a €1.1k package within the next couple of months regardless.

Anyway, tomorrow I am off down to London for a Helicopter lesson! It's another Ladbrokes VIP day which, if anything like the last one at The Derby, should be absolutely superb. I get a personal lesson, a free lunch, then a helicopter tour of London.

This should be pretty decent Stratosphere training. If you haven't deduced already, I have to go on all Stratosphere rides when I'm in Vegas in September, and I'm shit scared of heights. Infact, it's not that I'm 'scared'. It's damn sensible to be wary of edges leading into massive falls and inevitable pizza-like death. Somewhere down the line my ancestors realised this and I am now programmed to wince like a girl when walking over footbridges or looking out of high rise windows. Hopefully being in control of the craft will go someway to help me overcome this. I shall post some pics upon return.

Finally I would like to wish my good friend Ben a Happy 40th Birthday for Friday 31st. Please pop in to his blog and wish him well. He's away in Paris with the missus for some 'sightseeing'. Life starts at 40...

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