Tuesday, 7 July 2009

6max is dead?

Well my stats tell me I should quit!

To be fair I have been getting coolered to hell at 6max so far this month, whilst simultaneously running awesome at HU. I've been lucky to sit with an easily tiltable person, win a few early spots and have them spew off some more money to me afterwards.

But not great in being £200 down. Also my volume sucks, only done ~7k hands and thats just in 2 days. However I am pleasantly surprised in that I should be able to pwn (Soap) the RTR rake race for $3k. Current top player plays my limits and I raked half his total for the month in one day. This could be skewed slightly as he may have taken a 5 day break like I did but I guess mid month I'll know better. Barring disaster I should be raking over $6k, so if that can return $3k alone from RTR, plus ~$2k from Laddies new player club thingy it's well worth a good graft this month, even if the weather has to pick up again after this week.

In other random, short sentence news: I killed a rat with a shovel yesterday. I'm benching 105kg in the gym. It's my knee operation on Friday. I know loads people who have had a baby in the last month. Congrats to Jackal who I think is my only reader. Congrats to Soap on luckboxing another huge MTT win. Good luck to Ben in his first month on the pro circuit ;-)


TEAMDOBB said...

Jackall aint ya only reader mate!!!!

Poker play the Soap way said...

Dual accountaments NAP ^

BH said...

4 readers then....

Brenos said...

I've also been following for a while. Great blog mate, good luck :-)