Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Smiley Face

Wahay I'm really happy. Just won over £1k in under 2k hands 6 tabling NL100 6max. Ship the 50p a hand!

My plan was to grind the 6max for a few hours this evening, to make sure I get the $1500 bracket in the rake race. But obviously winning 10 buyins in no time changed that. There's a slim chance I could still make it but even if I don't I will be posting a £3.5k month for June. After April and May's horror shows, I'm delighted to get back to winning ways. That's a few times now I've ran up a couple of hundred to a couple of grand at the micro cash games, without bagging a big tourney score or anything to help along the way. I think that's actually quite an achievement, but one I'd rather not have had to make!

Basically I am now square one - back end of last year, before I went off galavanting around Asia, spending far too much money, then coming back home and running like shit for two months. I'll leave £2.5k as the poker bankroll and bank the rest. As I've previously mentioned I anticipate expenditure on my shitheap of a car soon, and I need to save up plenty for Vegas. I'd really like to splash around a bit out there and do everything I want to do. Stratosphere rides not included in that bracket.
Anyway fingers crossed the run continues. And I really hope it's sunny tomorrow cos I am going to do absolutely fuck all! :-)


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Poker play the Soap way said...

ps well done :)

BH said...

Congrats mate!

If you don't have enough money for the Stratosphere rides then you better get saving for those all night drinks you'll owe me and Azz - a bet is a bet!! :-)

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