Friday, 12 June 2009

Poker Update

Rebuilding going very well. 16k hands of NL50 for €880, crushing at 10bb/100 winrate, playing 24/21 and 3betting 10% which is tons of fun. I was actually £200 missing in EV most of the month, but I caught that up today. I've only played 9 days this month which is basically €100 per day of play. Crazy to think that I could actually be on for an awesome month just at the micros. I'll be on for at least $2k in the rake race too. Career NL50 grinder anyone?

10 out of my 12 sessions have been winners, all for over €60 which is pretty much perfect and certainly can't continue at NL100+. In my first week I raced up to win over €700, then lost €450 in one two hour session! LOL at yet another of one of my epic losing sessions. Wasn't even that bad really, just coolers. Anyway just a marker for me to say bankroll now at £1.6k, when I reach £2k it's back up to NL100 where'll I'll either play for the rest of the month or if I drop back to £1.5k, will move back to NL50 and build up again. All my rake race winnings will be withdrawn to pay mounting bills I have and go towards Vegas fund. All of the lads are all booked up, it's just me hanging on to make sure I'm financially OK (has been a nightmare since returning from Thailand). Now it's pretty much a cert I'm going so am hugely excited for that! Also John definitely has to go on all the Stratosphere rides, which will be great entertainment as he's completely terrified of heights. I, however, didn't agree to anything (I remember) ;-)


BH said...

Nice try - you're either up on those rides (with John) or you're paying for all of mine and Azz's night out while wearing a Spurs shirt.

Your choice :-)

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