Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Poker, music & mood

I'm sure the vast majority of us have something else on the go whilst playing poker. I know some like to stick a DVD on, some watch the telly, some try to have no distractions at all and immerse themselves in the game. I like to listen to music. Easy listening, happy music. I'm very partial to the odd bit of rock and heavy metal, but it's no good thrashing about getting aggressive when making calculated non-emotional decisions at the poker table. Especially when you are in a huge downswing.

On my old computer, I took the time to create some playlists especially for poker purposes. Since my new laptop arrived literally hours before I flew to Thailand, I simply whacked all my mp3s over and have used the 'Genius' feature in iTunes to create playlists. Don't get me wrong, this is quite brilliant. You pick a song, and it suggests 25/50/100 similar songs of that particular genre that you might like. It can't get it spot on everytime though and there are inevitably a few songs that I have to skip whilst playing. I do have quite ridiculous taste in music though. Read on...

The benchmark session for the last two months was just well under way. Double barrel KK in a 3bet pot 200BB deep on 467 8 board, and check fold to a 9 river. Lose a flip. Bet/fold a million spots and be about three buyins down in total.

Then some stupid arse song comes on and I flick the iTunes up to change it. After an awesome day out on Saturday to the Lake District, I got a bit cidered up and we enjoyed a good sing along to The Backstreet Boys in the car on the way home (I wasn't driving!). So I click on their Greatest Hits album and queue it up, hoping to rekindle the positive frame of mind, enjoy some tunes and maybe, just maybe win some money back.


I go on a ridiculous-sick-heater-card-rack-super-awesome-run-good period of about 20 minutes enjoying such classics as 'Everybody', 'Show me the meaning', 'I want it that way', 'Incomplete' and the hugely underrated 'Drowning'.

So two things for the rest of this month:

a) 3bet QQ in the BB
b) Listen to the Backstreet Boys

and I should obviously sustain this 190bb/100 winrate :-)


BH said...

Backstreet Boys??

c) finally admit to what happened in Thailand while sleeping in the same double bed as Briggs

Poker play the Soap way said...


Anonymous said...

LMAO at Backstreet Boys, my little sister used to love them so I know most of the words.

Brenos said...

I too have a little sister, so I know all the words to Whigfield - Saturday Night, various Vengaboys songs and obviously the Backstreet Boys. My sister doesn't like the Backstreet Boys though ;-)