Thursday, 18 June 2009

Knee Update

Oh yes folks, it's that time again :-)

Good news! I have a confirmed date of the 10th July for my knee arthroscopy. Kudos to the NHS for me not having to wait yonks for this. It's minimally invasive surgery (two keyholes either side of the knee apparently) so I'm hoping I can just have a local anaesthetic and watch the whole thing! Have a pre-op examination next week but can't see that being a problem. I'm dead excited and can't wait to get onto a proper road to recovery. Great North Run in sub 90 mins again in 2011 I reckon ;-)

Bad news pokerwise however, I played really badly today. I had won another £200 odd yesterday, but today was very poor. Autopiloted too much and lacked the clarity of thought process that I've had so far this month. Still in a good position with the roll, but that's not important. I could have been moving up again with a good session today. I'm quite angry with myself as I raced up a few buyins at the start of the session, then it all just dribbled away slowly (and then a bit more) by the time I was ready for food. Going to see to it that I don't play this 'D' game again. Let's get back in the 'A' zone :-)


LOL. Happy with how I played so I guess all I can do is laugh. Had an horrific session of run bad where I did pretty much everything right, but lost a lot of money. Finished just over 5 buyins down, with EV saying I should have won €4. Those are the spots where money goes in before a showdown too. Add to that in standard showdown spots I won only 42% (avg ~52%) and I'm going to lose money. One table was pretty sick. I was in the Jesus seat to a super donk 85/17, but he binked off 3-6 outers on me each time for three stacks (€150) which he gave away to the other players at the table before leaving. Now this month is only looking 'decent' whereas before it was looking very good. Still a 7bb/100 winner after this bad patch but I hope to improve that number. Gonna take a break tomorrow daytime and do some jobs and other stuff. Roll on the weekend :-)


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