Tuesday, 23 June 2009

HU 4 rooolllzzzzz?!?!?!1

I qualified for a Laddies VIP freeroll and a RTR English Open freeroll on Sunday evening. I had forgotten all about them however, spending the afternoon at Father's house. Got a text 30 mins in from Ben so made my excuses and left, but didn't drive home very quickly. My car is fucked again, engine warning light on and it juddering at low revs. If I have to spend another grand on that shitheap I am going to be incredibly displeased. Might drive it up to Appleby in the hope there are still some gypos around, park it up and have a few beers and stay at a B&B in the hopes that it gets nicked/burned out. Insurance job ftw.

Anyway, got home and settled in for a 'tourney evening'. Fired up the two freerolls, and reg'd for a couple of others on Full Tilt, and the $5k GTD on Laddies. I bust out of the Full Tilt ones in splendid tournament fashion. A $2 double chance I lost one race and then AK vs AQ no good. The $10 freezout was LOLAWESOME though. I 3bet 99 in position and flopped top set on super dry 349 flop. I bet a retard amount to induce shoving from air cos I'm already getting paid by overpairs. So he shoves with the mighty no pair no draw A7 off suit and backdoors the flush. NB - it was the 7h that made the flush, so it wasn't even half thought through. Levels go up fast in the freerolls and I soon have 7BBs so I enter monkey mode to attempt to double up. FAIL. I do better in the $5k getting to final 50/300ish, bubble at 42 iirc. Shortie shoves EP, medium stack in MP flats for a quarter of his stack, I have AK on the button. I decide I'm either in awesome shape or flipping so blast em in, with MP just covering me. He calls. Up against AJ shortie and AQ big stack and the Q pops up for me to lose a massive pot to go top 5.

I decide that I'm not in the mood for a grind, so fire up some HU cash action on Laddies. No one wants to play at NL50 so sit with the only guy free at NL100 €. I am severley underolled for this game but figure what the hell I'll give it a one buyin shot. An hour or so later, ship the €500 :-) I've since set up a HU HUD on HEM (LOL) and although I knew at the time my opponent was super tight and I could run him over, my HEM stats confirm that he is infact waayyy too tight. I bossed the small pots, and won all four 200BB big spots. Set vs Two pair holds. Make two flushes on the turn versus decent top pair hands, and finally when he was tilting make top pair with flush redraw on turn and induce him to shove with a gutshot. Nice to get it in really good (90% minimum equity when money went in in all spots) and even nicer to have those setup spots with you on the good side :-)

I lost a bit of it back yesterday, again against a super tight opponent where I stuck to my game plan of winning the small pots and only playing a big pot if I am super strong. So I lose Jacks full Vs quads, flush under flush and set under set. Cheers GG. This was only a 3 buyin loss at NL$100 though as opposed to €Euros, so not quite as bad. I'd play this guy again for sure though.

Grinded the 6max tables again this afternoon but my hand strength radar needed some recalibration after the HU play and I was a bit too showdown happy losing half a buyin. Made up for that this evening at the HU tables though, posting a £200+ win all at NL50 $/€ levels. Feel like I've been fully in control of the matches so far, with a couple of regs not wanting to play me already, which can only be a good sign. Had some trouble with one guy though, he limped all his hands and checked a lot of flops even with strong top pair hands. LOL Hellmuth in disguise. Just as I was getting to grips with a counter strategy (make hands and bet the shit out of them) he quit me. This is a whole new experience I'm going to have to take on board and learn to control better than I have been. Getting hit and run, and quit on when you have just turned momentum around is incredibly tilting at HU. The same thing at a 6max table doesn't even register for me anymore, but it's so different when it's mano-a-mano. Don't get me wrong I've not been going ape shit smashing my monitor up or anything, but a deep breath is required here and there!

I'm now rolled for NL100 6max but think I'm going to continue playing some HU, at least while winning and enjoying it. Not sure if I'll be changing direction permanently, but I definitely want to give this a decent go. I feel my aggro-bordering-on-retardo game is perhaps more suited to the HU dynamic. Gogogogogo!


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spelling mistakes maybe a giveaway :D