Monday, 8 June 2009

Derby VIP Day

I spent the last weekend in London for the Epsom Derby with Ladbrokes VIP Poker Club. This was an absolutely class event, many thanks to Joe and Sam the VIP managers on the day, and the rest of the staff for keeping my champagne glass topped up, and saved my life on many occasion getting me to sit down on the top deck of the bus on the way back to the hotel. More on that later...

Fortunately a couple of mates also got packages, so I was down with Soap & his wife, Ben and K, and as my guest I took Briggsy as it was a bit of a classy do and he's the best behaved lad I know. The blokes were nicely suited and booted, Jean looked lovely and Katrina took a break from wearing the trousers in her relationship and also looked lovely in her dress. You can check out Soap and Holmes' blogs on the weekend also, links on the right. I'm last so I get to be lazy.

The buses left at about 9.30 and no exaggeration, I was smashed by 10.15. I had a full English in the hotel restaurant, but bacon butties were also served on the bus. No worries there, Ben 'dustbin' Holmes finished mine. There was a Jazz group playing for our entertainment, though you couldn't hear past the midway point of the bus. So they just serenaded Ben and K at the front the whole way. We were also waited on hand and foot by staff pulling champagne bottles from a Mary Poppins style never ending ice bucket. A band and bar staff on a bus, who'd have thunk it?!

Once we got parked up in the enclosure at Epsom, lunch was served in a covered area. Lobster cocktail, roast beef and finally strawberries and cream was a real 9/10 three course meal. I didn't leave a thing. A constant stream of staff also made sure my champagne glass never got under a quarter full.

We watched all the races from the top deck of the bus, as the rain was holding off nicely by now and I had no need for my umbrella (sensible me) at all. There was a huge screen next to our space in the enclosure. Huge, as in, as big as your house. This was great for the close up bits and figuring out how your nag is doing (it's doing shit Brenos, don't fret) but unfortunately spoiled our view of the home straight, as you could really hear the horses thundering down and then just appear from behind the huge screen. A minor point anyway. I did in the end manage a few e/w winners for a small loss on the day.

The free drinks continued all day, thanks to our sponsors, Pommery. I have since priced up that I had well over a hundred quids worth of champagne, and well over a million quids worth of the jam and creme scones that came round just before we left. Thanks to Boisdale restaurant for those. The proprietor of which was actually present. We had a bit of a chuckle at a stereotypical old english gent earlier at lunch as we all had name tags on, he was called Ronald MacDonald. Turned out he was the owner, I bet he was used to catering for a slightly different class of clientele altogether!

The bus journey on the way back was truly awesome. My memory is now well dodgy, but basically there was a 1920s Jazz band playing on the top deck to a bunch of rather merry 20 somethings. Yeah that didn't last. We took over, belting out a few Oasis classics, then upon finding out that there was a group of Arsenal fans at the back of the bus (we were at the front) the football songs started. Ben is a Spurs fan, and I just plain hate Arsenal. We also sang a few anti-Liverpool songs, and one about Ben's dog who he really likes to look after. I looked for my umbrella to Jedi light saber the Arsenal fans with, but alas it was long gone.

Back in the hotel bar I have no idea what went on at all. Apparently some knob head called check el-oh-el was spouting about how great he is at poker, and challenging random Yorkshire nits to heads up for rollzzzzzz. I passed out around 10pm.

The hangover wasn't that bad actually considering it was champagne I'd been drinking since 9.30, and not beer. So a surprisingly nausea free end to an absolutely awesome weekend. Thanks again to Ladbrokes, Boisdale and Pomerry.

Poker wise for me this month is OMG OMG OMG awesome as I am £600 up which feels great. I hope to continue the rebuilding this week. In the meantime though...

He's half a girl, he's half a boy, Torres, Torres...


0thepower0 said...

Great day mate, i was the big lad singin oasis on the mike and all the footy songs on top deck, up the rams Regards 0thepower0

Brenos said...

Aye class day mate, was nice to meet you and great crack on top of that bus. Cheers for leaving a comment and good luck with your poker. Hope to see you at the next one :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day. I used to get to go on VIP days at Elland Road when I worked for O2. Free booze, top food, top footie (at the time) and all for free.

Those were the days