Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Won another ~€300 at NL50 to take the bankroll close to £2k. Played a bit of NL100 yesterday for a small win, this afternoon for a small win, but this evening disaster struck and I'm going to have to drop back down. I lost €700 taking the bankroll back to £1.4k (sorry for the mixed currencies!).

Just had a quick look at my big pots and I won one flip preflop AK vs QQ for stacks, and won another 100BBs with a full house vs trips. On the other side of the coin I lost seven pots over 100BBs. Set under set. KK vs AA. TPTK & 2nd flush draw in 3b pot vs small flush. JJ vs AK BvB. Another set under set. Overs + nut flush draw vs TPTK. This was a strange one, he stacked off very light (either crushed or is 45% at best, as here) and I think I can get a lot of money in good against this villain in future. I also checkraise bluffed the river all in (different villain) on K42JT in a 3b pot and got called by AK when he'd only put 30% of his stack in. Again this is light and I am playing my value hands the same. Oh well things don't always go your way, I certainly had my fair share of bad luck running hands into hands, and people not folding tonight.

Not all doom and gloom though, still in profit, still playing well and still confident about more crushing at NL50 tomorrow. More good news in that my little stint at NL100 accounts for 20% of my rake this month, at only 3k hands vs 18k hands, it will surely have bumped me a few points in the rake race. It's just really disappointing that I couldn't log a decent winner tonight, as then with a ~£2.3k bankroll I could withstand a few extra swings and stay at NL100. Bugger. Ah well things worth doing are never easy, get motivated and get moved back up sharpish!!

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