Sunday, 10 May 2009

Why so serious?

I mean come on. Another equally as bad session has put pay to me wanting to play any kind of poker for yonks now. I get 40% effective stacks in preflop with AA, lose. I double up every short stack going. I lose 480BB pots with the second nuts on the flop, second nuts on the turn where 95% of the money goes in, then the third nuts on the river when he rivers the second nuts and utilises his fold equity shoving with his remaining 10BBs. I also lose a 420BB pot with flopped nuts, get all but 20BBs in on the flop, but the rest goes in on the turn when the board reads 59K8. Let's play guess the hand...

Wishing I'd got a last minute flight out to Belgium to join the footy team, despite being completely crocked. Bah this is rubbish :-((((

1 comment:

BH said...

Keep plugging away mate, the results will turn in your favour again soon.

Belgium was class though :-)