Friday, 1 May 2009

Plan for May

OK so pokerwise things have to turn. It's pretty much getting on towards the impossible for me to continue to run as badly as I did in April going into May. But I'm not counting chickens and will plug on hard and grind out some cash. I'll have to start back at NL100 but don't plan on being there long. Gogogogo!

Lifestyle wise I'm making big changes. Massive changes. After sitting on my arse for the first four months of the year, I shall be back in the gym three times a week getting the strength back up and trimming down a little. I think the first couple of weeks are going to be hell, especially considering the guy I train with is an absolute animal.

Anyway, that's the easy part. I'm not going to get drunk at all for... aaaages. This is elastic somewhat as I don't like setting finite deadlines, which has unquestionably come from poker. Definitely for the duration of May and I'd like to think June and some of July also. Notice I've not said 'not going to drink'. I like beer, it's just the moderation bit that I do really badly. I'm sick to death of being absolutely incapable for a full day after I go out on the booze. I play in a local pool league once a week and will probably have a shandy or something then, or on a day/night out with mates I'll have one or two. But no going past the point of no return - around three beers I think.

I will exempt myself from this restriction on certain, very special occasions though. I've got some friends 30th birthdays coming up, I'll get a bit squiffy then for sure! I am also potentially in for some corporate hospitality where it would be rude not to make the most of what has been put on for me ;-) However general weekend drinking shall not exist for me for (at the very least) the next six weeks.

Good luck me, and good luck all for May :-)

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