Saturday, 2 May 2009

Nope, it's retard day

Everyone's been paid at work, and got their rake and bonuses in poker from last month. So there's lots of poorer players (hereafter 'retards') playing in the first couple of days of each new calendar month. It's worthwhile playing these retards while they still have money. I played about 8k hands today for that reason.

Or another plan of action would be to donate to these players in the most heinous manner possible. I have a set, it's ok you go ahead and backdoor your flush. I have top pair, top kicker, by all means bink off your three outer. I also raced twice today for buyins pre flop and lost both. Been trying to play lower variance and not do this which is playing Devil's Advocate anyway because I should be aggressive and be pushing hands. This is now about 90k hands of total bullshit. I am actually really angry for the first time in ages, which in itself is retarded, why be angry at something you can't control?

What I should be able to do is check the bloody Euro Millions results online. Surely the draw was made earlier this evening? No results up yet :-/ I promise if I win that I'll not complain about running bad ever again, but until then...

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Poker play the Soap way said...

looking good on r race though ;)

hopefully ends today :D :D