Wednesday, 13 May 2009

LOL Donkaments

A classic title.

Have stayed away from the cash tables for the last couple of days because as you have surely gathered by now, I run like shit. Since busting my Full Tilt roll last year playing HU with all my $180 bankroll on the table getting it on the turn with 90% equity and losing, the account has laid dormant.

It has since slowly collected a trickle of referral fees from RakeTheRake (link on the right) and upon checking a few days ago had $36 as the balance. Well boooya ship the low level SnGs my balance is now $285 and climbing. I started off playing some $5 HU SnGs which initially I broke even at. I quickly found out that weak cash lines are however generally strong low level tournament lines. So as soon as I forced myself to forget everything I've learned, I began to crush. I made enough where I could then nine table the 9 manners. I tried 4 tabling HU and timed out all over the place and was totally rubbish. The 9 mans allow me to play more at once, increasing my hourly ($15 booya) eek out more of an edge at one time, make more rakeback etc etc. I could probably play twenty of the 9 mans, though I've not yet experimented with a decent layout for more than 9 tables. A hundred tournies later my balance is $250 to the good with an ROI of 32%. I've actually really enjoyed thinking about ICM decisions and it's fair to say I totally pwn the $5 field on the bubble. You can't argue with that ROI.

I shall keep going when not quite in the mood for cash as it's certainly less of a strain playing tournament poker post flop with 15BBs. Saying that though I remember 'back in the day' when building my first semblance of a bankroll that the £3/$5 STTs were A LOT easier. Moving on a bit from what I said about NL50 previously, things are a lot harder now! However I shall share my three-volume-fool-proof strategy that guarantees to get you out of the $5 SnGs. Forget Harrington on Hold Em (Harrison on Hold Em is better anyway, awesome whole thread here). Here's 'Brenos on crushing $5 Sit n Gos':

1) Identify tight set miners and capitalise. Isolate raise preflop and cbet half pot. Profit.
2) Just shove your big hands over raises in the early game. Force your opponents to make a big mistake calling when dominated.
3) With 5/6 players left, raise a wider range especially if you have a double stack to take down the larger blinds. An open to 500 from a >3k stack to win 100+200 is just super awesome. At 50/100 with less than 1k you want to be shoving pre with top 35% because hanging on for 3rd is a losing strategy.

1) Dominate the bubble. Raise, steal, go crazy. This is now a stack size game not a card based game.
2) At the $5s I have sometimes got to heads up on blinds as low as 80/160. If so identify who is playing fit or fold, and small ball the shit out of them. Against the stations just shovel money into the pot when you have a semi-strong top pair hand. In large blind situations just shove/call a sensible range. #1 rule of HU, be the person betting and not the person calling.

1) Ship $$$ to Brenos
2) Coaching available at $50 per hour on how to achieve a $10 per hour winrate at $5 SnGs

Finally I've been getting a lot more emotionally involved playing the tournaments. Not like as in pissed off when I get sucked out on, more like fist-pump super happy when I take one down, and fist-smash super pissed off when I bubble. I feel better for it too. Maybe it's good to get involved a bit more. Maybe it's all this new found exercise I've been doing. Anyway I shall keep you all updated on this small SnG side adventure. Stay tuned for my next post, 'How to move up to the $10s and blow your roll' :-)

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