Friday, 29 May 2009

I'm lost, help!

OK, I know no-one read my last post, which in fairness turned into a monster. Don't blog bit by bit and lose track of just how much crap you have written! This one is serious though, I could do with some help and advice...

I don't know what to do. Poker is just so incredibly, ridiculously, impossibly bad for me. I lost another £200 today, with EV saying I should have won 50p. So another £200 the Poker Gods/Jesus/Buddha/Moses/Krishna/Joseph Smith/Xenu sees fit to deny me. I had thought of praying to a different God prior to starting my next few sessions, but this has a few flaws:

1) Blasphemy. The one God who I may not have got round to yet might be pissed off at me praying elsewhere and infect me with further run bad.
2) My praying won't be heartfelt, I'm an athiest.
3) My roll might not last long enough to get round to Scientology.

I'm going to post a few HHs from today that basically epitomise my last 8 weeks of poker completely taking the piss:

Standard, he's a total spewtard monkey and I'm crushing his range here. I lose races something chronic. I'm actually going to see if HEM can produce results for when I get it in preflop with 40-60% equity and work something out. It'll make me depressed I'm sure.

These spots knock the confidence a bit, because a lot of the time lately I've been running into the tops of ranges, and getting crushed. But sometimes, just sometimes I get it in awesome versus the larger portion of villains ranges... and still lose.

Finally, when 82% preflop, and 90% on the turn just isn't enough.

My roll is in absolute tatters, and the real world of work may well be round the corner for Brenos. And in the current climate I'm not going to be able to walk into something decent I don't think. Time to hold the hands up and ask for help. It's been approx 2 months, over £5k in moneys and just under 100k hands of utter shit. My frame of mind is really starting to suffer. Anyone been through anything like this before? Can anyone offer any advice?


Poker play the Soap way said...

Get a roll play 5 10 NL as your due to run good ....:D

MCH1990 said...

I'd say AK and 99 were pretty standard in the way they played out so you need not worry about the result of those 2.

The QQ on the other hand i'd of raised from the BB instead of just called. Yeah you were ahead on the flop but he picked up a draw and would probably feel that you didnt connect with that board. Get it all in preflop and allow the player to make a mistake there instead of giving away a cheap flop and the chance of being out drawn to low pairs.

Just my thoughts, i may be wrong but it makes sense to me to play aggressively preflop at this level and lower.

Brenos said...

Think you're missing the point of QQ hand. He folds to 3bet all the time here, whereas my line I've forced him to make a huuuuuge mistake post flop. Agression post flop > agression pre flop imo.

Anyway I'm not too fussed about the outcome of these hands specifically, was just giving examples of general cack I've been enduring. Good luck with your bankroll building :-)

MCH1990 said...

Ahh fair enough. I guess its all a matter of oppinion whether you play it pre or post flop. I do understand the advantage and disadvantages of both but i see a lot of poor play at 0.10/0.25 and dont expect it to be much better at 0.25/0.50.

Good luck to you to. Been reading for a while now and hope things turn around for you.

Poker play the Soap way said...

QQ hand is not optimal - this is always a pre flop raise - it is 50 50 an a or k flop and if they dont you are giving suited connectors / low pairs 3 free shots

Brenos said...

Don't want to over defend the QQ hand I played, but...

Agree from the raw HH I'm probably only 45% long term Vs a competant stacking off range. However I had c/r this player a few times already and here it seems like I'm not repping much. He insta re-shipped on me so I figure either a flip on a big draw or I'm crushing his reasonable showdown value, so an easy call in the end.

BH said...

Can't believe I've been made to reread the QQ hand again... definitely FPS that's (probably) not needed, but I know it's irrelevant in the long term when compared vs 100k hands.

My advice? Get back out to Thailand for sunshine BOOM switch!!! :-)

Seriously though, get back on CR and Stox, take a few days out to study, re-evaluate your game and find some leaks - as there must have been a few creep in if you can't batter NL50 - even with bad luck!

You've tought me 99.95% of what I know about cash games so there is zero reason why I should be winning and you losing - take some time out and get your head straight then attack again in mid June.

Poker play the Soap way said...

at end of day m8 you got your money in good on qq hand and got sucked out on.

However, i think your play is fine at 5 /10 levels but no point fancy play at NL50 - not having a go just giving feedback as requested.

I think ABC will beat NL50 easy although onbiously dont play that level myself so cant be 100% sure. However, Ben tightest man on planet beats it so muct be ABC :))))

Hi Ben ;)