Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bad session

A bad session tonight has put pay to moving up for the weekend. I shall have to recoup the couple of hundred or so I lost this evening to recreational players. I ran exceptionally badly in all spots. Had lots of sets and straights versus flushes where opponent has 40BBs, so GG me. Also had one rather horrific overpair and NFD versus middle set in a 450BB pot, I miss. I'm also fairly certain that I made top two pair three times, where my second pair gave my opponent a set, again for something stupid like 50BBs, so again GG me. Ignoring these complete setups what is most frustrating is that all money was insta-ratholed. Cheers for the double up Brenos, I shall be leaving now.

Not checked the Euros yet either, so all could be good when I do. I really don't want to get 4 numbers and 2 stars though. The odds on that must be fucking astronomical (you pick 6 numbers 0-50 and 2 stars 0-9 if you didn't know). Last week when the jackpot was ~£90m, you got £110 for getting 4#s and 2*s. Fuck that! You beat the odds for what must be millions to one, and you get paid less than a hundred to one on your money. The lottery is such a mugs game! So yeah I'll be piling on next week when it rolls over again :-D

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