Sunday, 17 May 2009

Another day another $ missed EV

I really am starting to think that I am furthering the impossible everytime I play poker. Four buyins lost tonight, but should only be down less than one apparently. Haha as if that was ever going to happen. Lost AA vs QQ early preflop for stacks, board runs out total rainbow unconnected 24QT6 and I murmur to myself, "Hmph he probably has Queens" as a second later the cards are revealed and the pot ships his way. It really is a case of looking at the board, looking at my hand, and then thinking of a holding that beats me, and my opponent has it. KT on K4K4T is totally golden because I beat all Kings that gave me action on the flop and turn. But no, quads are good. Straights and flushes fail to hold vs sets, and sets fail to get there versus opponents straights and flushes. Standard stuff, but it's every pot, every session.

I'm obviously absolutely delighted that Man Utd secured three in a row. I'm also really happy that I've got a VIP package to the Epsom Derby. I'm hugely excited at the fact that Shearer is looking more and more likely to be taking the toon down. So there are some positives to take from the month. Guitar Hero World Tour has some awesome tracks, there's another. These are unfortunately heavily outweighed though as how bad poker is going. Two months, and over 140k hands of torture. I'm not enjoying the game at all. When I rarely do win a pot, I kind of feel privileged that I've been allowed to win. Which is obviously no good.

I took a pretty decent three day break, having a great long weekend with mates who were off work, and felt really fresh today. But when playing it really was a case of SSDD (I'll let Ben work that one out, he's crap with acronyms). I think I'll video my next few sessions as it's starting to get pretty critical that I book a few winning sessions soon.

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