Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wheels start turning?

Question mark stands as I'm not fully sure if they have yet? I'm now £1400 up which is mostly at NLHE. I've felt like playing that a lot more lately. Sometimes four cards on 9 tables is just too much to handle. I've been playing at stupid, stupid times too. Last night I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 3.30am. After realising the time, I thought I might be able to catch ~6 tables of late night players and make a quick Euro. Wrong. I ran like arse getting down to -£600 at one point with suckouts all over the place. Then I won a litle back, then I 5 bet shove 66 for 220BBs after a bit of history with one player in a tricky spot as he kind of has to have Aces to call. He calls and does indeed have AA but I get there. I love getting there. Despite this amazing piece of luck I am still missing £200 EV from the session as the tables break after a short 50 minute session.

I plonk some South Park on and doze until around 10am when I get on 9 tables and continue the run bad. Again down to -£600 with KK losing to AK twice. I then make a one card Royal Flush and see this as sign that I am sure to make my money back***

I then grind back to be £10 up for the morning and go have my awesome Easter Sunday Lunch. My EV on this session was also £600 short, so I could easily have been posting a £1k+ day. Nevermind as long as the profit keeps rolling I'm sure I'll catch up on EV eventually.

***Anyone who thinks that cards falling in a random manner have some kind of hidden meaning and have further influence on random events, is a Retard with a capital R (do the action). Also, I'm getting sick of all this poker content. I'll write something different soon.

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