Monday, 20 April 2009

An update of sorts

Have been holding off on this one as didn't want to post a whole load of whinging about running bad and posting huge suck out hands.

It seems that all the blogs I'm reading at the moment, especially my mates, aren't exactly going well. I can top them all though I think, especially volume related. I'm currently in a 20,000 hand downswing. To put that into some perspective, lets say you play at your local casino every Friday night, and that tourney gets 70 runners without fail every week. You also never miss a week and because you are so awesome you also final table without fail every week. Well this might sound like a lot of poker, but I played more hands last week than you would in three years - over 150 tournaments.

Because of the sheer volume involved it's not like I've been a huge tilty moron having -500/100bb sessions, it averages out to a -10/100bb 'winrate' which just means I've been getting consisently shafted over a long period. It's possible to run worse than you ever imagined possible. This is the worst I've had it, and I'm sure I'll have a worse patch in future. It equates to a £3k loss with £3k missing in EV. The only slightly good news is that even if I was to stop playing now I'd nearly break even for the month due to my volume of play and the rake race/bonuses. I'm not going to stop though.

The last week has kind of burnt me out on NLHE, so I plan to really learn PLO. I've got enough of a bankroll left still to multi table PLO50, and I want to make 25 buyins there by month end. Hopefully I won't have to redeposit, as my car cost me £400 to get through it's MOT, but thankfully now it isn't a total piece of shit. No longer do I fear pistons flying through the bonnet when I hit 60mph on the motorway. I digress.

I started well tonight winning 4 buyins, and also managing to lose 2 buyins on the turn getting it in with >80% equity, but I promised myself I wouldn't mention that. Damn you ego! I had a break for the long weekend, with some uni mates coming up from darn sarf to relive uni days of childish drinking games. You've all played thumb-master right? Chin-master is even better! :-D Anyway the break certainly helped and depsite picking up a throat infection from sleeping on the floor, I slept that off today and felt fresh attacking the tables. Long may this continue. However now to the real jist of my post. Drum roll please...





My knee is royally screwed. I totally did it in after some over ambitious bedroom olympics in my last week in Thailand. As Ben and Briggs will testify, it was as bad as the day I originally did it, with it locking up and me falling down in the middle of the street every 20 yards when we went out for our evening meal. It's been bad since, with pain everyday I do any kind of walking. So I saw the Doc at the end of last week where I have been referred to an Orthopeadic Surgeon who I aim to strongly influence into giving me an operation as soon as possible. Sod more physio, I've given it a good chance and there is no way in this state I'll be running or playing football before I'm 30, so stuff it and operate please.

Also I've now done everything positive I wanted to do on returning to the UK. I now face a huge car bill, a huge tax bill and return to the old routine. Hopefully I will not get the travelling blues just yet though as it looks like we have some nice weather on the way. Enjoy it all :-)

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