Tuesday, 28 April 2009


New Omaha Manager is out now and I am just getting it onto my computer now. Hoping I have a fair few hand histories in Omaha saved as I'd be interested in some EV info! I just played some PLO for a bit and had to stop as didn't want another huge losing day. I lost a few buyins and it's safe to say I run impossibly bad at PLO. I just lost every big spot. Not just the 60/40 flips on the flop where you have a set/huge draw Vs huge draw/set, I even lose the lock hands on the turn where opponent binks off a rubbish flush or higher full house.

Edit: Yes OM confirms -£200 in EV in just 100 hands. Good job I don't have stats on the full month as that would make grim reading!

Well my worst ever month poker wise is coming to an end, doubtful it can be rescued now. I should really be grinding to keep the rake race position ticking over but grinding the NL50 tables is a grim prospect. I might totally nit it up and see if I can make at least a little back.

Going to watch Barca Chelsea now (on ITV) anticipating a Barca masterclass setting up a final date with Man Utd after we breeze past Arsenal with the aid of my support tomorrow :-)

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