Thursday, 2 April 2009

March Results

Well my final day wasn't the grind I had in mind, but thankfully I managed to scrape 19th in the rake race and win another £150. A sketchy internet connection meant I was regularly disconnected, so it took me ages to get the 2k hands in that I wanted to play. Job done though and I was able to spend some quality time with a rather attractive young masseuse I got to know in the final week of my stay in Thailand ;-)

I want to write a totally huge trip report, giving likes/dislikes and observations on the places I've been in the last three months. But I'm not doing it now, I'm absolutely shattered. I'm in Doha airport in Qatar (nr UAE) having been awake for 24 hours already, waiting for my final flight back to sunny England. Hopefully I can stick out the next 10 hours so I don't kill myself with jetlag.

I'm totally gutted to be returning home. I have pretty much nothing to look forward to. I really want to see my sister who hasn't been well and is in hospital again for the umpteenth time in the last few years (she has rheumatoid arthritis and has had numerous complications) but apart from obviously seeing the family and catching up with friends again, it's a grim prospect to return home. I'll expand more later. I just wanted to say...

Booya! Ship the £6.6k month and totally awesome time to go along with it :-))))))

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