Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Can't get going

Frustrating start to grinding back in the UK.

I'm -£200 at NLHE playing 27/20 over 5k hands, which is bags of fun. I've been experimenting playing a few more hands out of position against predictable regulars, and it's going quite well (non results oriented-ly). I'll play a few small €15-40 pots like a total retard spaz and invariably lose them, but this is a total setup for when I want to play a larger pot. I got called down today with Ax on 7799x for 170BBs. I had the house obviously :-) Unfortunately I set players up expertly but they bink their two outers and I lose. I reverted back to more traditional play this afternoon for a bit and was just about to book a £100 win, when final hand on my one remaining table of nine, I got AA in on 822 flop vs JJ for £300 and lose that one too. Sigh.

PLO is going better, in that I'm £600 up (+£400 for month total PLO+NLHE) but I still feel like that should be better. I understand that the swings are larger and that you're never that much of a favourite in PLO, but for the largest pots where I've been just about as big a favourite as you can get, I find a way to lose. I keep losing AAxx vs KKxx hands which is slightly annoying because when it happens for 80BBs+ it means that my opponent is a retard. Although I booked a nice win today, I remember losing lots of big pots... a high wrap + flush draw vs low wrap, lots of sets vs wraps, and one in particular in blind battle. We both get it in on A8x, I have A8KT for top two + overs + nut flush draw, he has naked top two with A875 and the turn and river run out 7, 7. Thanks Jesus.

Anyway things aren't obviously that bad. I'm just being melodramatic. I had that awesome Indian tonight, spending a whopping £35 including a meal for mother and sister. That's equivalent to a month's rent in Thailand, or a standard night out for Briggsy consiting of 35 Singhas, four lion fish, a HB14 and a fight.

Gonna break for a bit now and hopefully play a bit of a late shift tonight. I had a nap today which should see me right. I've been going to bed at 10-11pm and getting up at 5-6am which isn't great for poker, though it's pretty much exactly the same routine I was on in Thailand (+7hrs). Meeting up with the pool team tomorrow where I'm sure I will be absolute tosh having only sporadically played on 9 ball tables or knackered old snooker tables for the last 3 months. Anyway looking forward to that and the end of season night out on Sunday. Happy Easter all :-)


BH said...

More likely to be an HB0.5 don't you think??

Brenos said...

Or an HG7?

Anonymous said...

It was a HG0.5 but still miles better than anyone ive seen back here, excluding K obviously ;-)

Anonymous said...

K says

your dumped