Friday, 24 April 2009

But I run good at life

Just won VIP tickets to the Champions League Semi Final on Wednesday at Old Trafford. Absolutely chuffed to bits and giddy as a child :-))))

This was a Laddies VIP Club bonus draw which I am obviously delighted to win. I won a similar one in Feb for the League Cup final, but was a million miles away in Asia so couldn't attend. I can this time though.

I'm also now only FTP 300 points away from the Full Tilt holdall. Life is good!


1 comment:

Jackal23 said...

nice one, deserve a bit of luck, id wish you a good trip but I hate those Manc fookers!

Any turn of luck on the tables?

Also I never knew you'd been barred from Grovesnor, you didnt write about that!