Monday, 6 April 2009

Back in the UK

And I'm bloody freezing all the time!

Also to compound my misery further I get raped today at omaha and lose £1k getting it in really good. AAxx loses to KKxx all in preflop twice and various wraps and flush draws brick off.

I must remain focused though as I've got another big grind ahead this month. So some positives since I've got back...

1) Spending £50 on a mouse is actually +EV. This thing is awesome.
2) It's nice to use a 22" screen again.
3) I had home made chips and beefburgers from the farmers market today for lunch. Mmmmmm.
4) I got a free hoody from Ladbrokes and it's actually really nice.

I think I am actually going to enjoy some of the food again. The Thai food is great but I have missed certain things. I had a twister and a boneless box from KFC on Sunday. They don't have those in Thailand, just shrimp burgers. I bet the Colonel is turning in his grave. Also I've mentioned before but I have the greatest Indian takeaway in the world around the corner from me, so I shall be spending about £25 there at some point this week just on myself. Christ thats three 3-course meals in Thailand!

Anyway this is also a reminder to myself to write a pretty indepth review on Thailand. I also had some thoughts last night about how I'm such a cold, methodical beast now and that is purely down to playing millions of hands of poker. I might write a rambling blog on that too if the mood strikes me!

Anyway good luck all for April, let's hope mine picks up! :-)


TEAMDOBB said...

welcome back m8

Anonymous said...

Fuck it lets get back to Thailand for a shrimp burger!!!