Tuesday, 28 April 2009


New Omaha Manager is out now and I am just getting it onto my computer now. Hoping I have a fair few hand histories in Omaha saved as I'd be interested in some EV info! I just played some PLO for a bit and had to stop as didn't want another huge losing day. I lost a few buyins and it's safe to say I run impossibly bad at PLO. I just lost every big spot. Not just the 60/40 flips on the flop where you have a set/huge draw Vs huge draw/set, I even lose the lock hands on the turn where opponent binks off a rubbish flush or higher full house.

Edit: Yes OM confirms -£200 in EV in just 100 hands. Good job I don't have stats on the full month as that would make grim reading!

Well my worst ever month poker wise is coming to an end, doubtful it can be rescued now. I should really be grinding to keep the rake race position ticking over but grinding the NL50 tables is a grim prospect. I might totally nit it up and see if I can make at least a little back.

Going to watch Barca Chelsea now (on ITV) anticipating a Barca masterclass setting up a final date with Man Utd after we breeze past Arsenal with the aid of my support tomorrow :-)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

The greatest website ever made

Internet peoples, I beg you to check out this website. Click the link. Simples!

Friday, 24 April 2009

But I run good at life

Just won VIP tickets to the Champions League Semi Final on Wednesday at Old Trafford. Absolutely chuffed to bits and giddy as a child :-))))

This was a Laddies VIP Club bonus draw which I am obviously delighted to win. I won a similar one in Feb for the League Cup final, but was a million miles away in Asia so couldn't attend. I can this time though.

I'm also now only FTP 300 points away from the Full Tilt holdall. Life is good!


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I'm done

Seriously. No one loses as many big pots as me.

I'm off to play minbet at Full Tilt so I can buy a hold-all with FTP points. FML.

EDIT: Played some small stakes STTs, ran like Jesus on rollerskates and doubled Full Tilt roll. WTF?!?!

Monday, 20 April 2009

An update of sorts

Have been holding off on this one as didn't want to post a whole load of whinging about running bad and posting huge suck out hands.

It seems that all the blogs I'm reading at the moment, especially my mates, aren't exactly going well. I can top them all though I think, especially volume related. I'm currently in a 20,000 hand downswing. To put that into some perspective, lets say you play at your local casino every Friday night, and that tourney gets 70 runners without fail every week. You also never miss a week and because you are so awesome you also final table without fail every week. Well this might sound like a lot of poker, but I played more hands last week than you would in three years - over 150 tournaments.

Because of the sheer volume involved it's not like I've been a huge tilty moron having -500/100bb sessions, it averages out to a -10/100bb 'winrate' which just means I've been getting consisently shafted over a long period. It's possible to run worse than you ever imagined possible. This is the worst I've had it, and I'm sure I'll have a worse patch in future. It equates to a £3k loss with £3k missing in EV. The only slightly good news is that even if I was to stop playing now I'd nearly break even for the month due to my volume of play and the rake race/bonuses. I'm not going to stop though.

The last week has kind of burnt me out on NLHE, so I plan to really learn PLO. I've got enough of a bankroll left still to multi table PLO50, and I want to make 25 buyins there by month end. Hopefully I won't have to redeposit, as my car cost me £400 to get through it's MOT, but thankfully now it isn't a total piece of shit. No longer do I fear pistons flying through the bonnet when I hit 60mph on the motorway. I digress.

I started well tonight winning 4 buyins, and also managing to lose 2 buyins on the turn getting it in with >80% equity, but I promised myself I wouldn't mention that. Damn you ego! I had a break for the long weekend, with some uni mates coming up from darn sarf to relive uni days of childish drinking games. You've all played thumb-master right? Chin-master is even better! :-D Anyway the break certainly helped and depsite picking up a throat infection from sleeping on the floor, I slept that off today and felt fresh attacking the tables. Long may this continue. However now to the real jist of my post. Drum roll please...





My knee is royally screwed. I totally did it in after some over ambitious bedroom olympics in my last week in Thailand. As Ben and Briggs will testify, it was as bad as the day I originally did it, with it locking up and me falling down in the middle of the street every 20 yards when we went out for our evening meal. It's been bad since, with pain everyday I do any kind of walking. So I saw the Doc at the end of last week where I have been referred to an Orthopeadic Surgeon who I aim to strongly influence into giving me an operation as soon as possible. Sod more physio, I've given it a good chance and there is no way in this state I'll be running or playing football before I'm 30, so stuff it and operate please.

Also I've now done everything positive I wanted to do on returning to the UK. I now face a huge car bill, a huge tax bill and return to the old routine. Hopefully I will not get the travelling blues just yet though as it looks like we have some nice weather on the way. Enjoy it all :-)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wheels start turning?

Question mark stands as I'm not fully sure if they have yet? I'm now £1400 up which is mostly at NLHE. I've felt like playing that a lot more lately. Sometimes four cards on 9 tables is just too much to handle. I've been playing at stupid, stupid times too. Last night I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 3.30am. After realising the time, I thought I might be able to catch ~6 tables of late night players and make a quick Euro. Wrong. I ran like arse getting down to -£600 at one point with suckouts all over the place. Then I won a litle back, then I 5 bet shove 66 for 220BBs after a bit of history with one player in a tricky spot as he kind of has to have Aces to call. He calls and does indeed have AA but I get there. I love getting there. Despite this amazing piece of luck I am still missing £200 EV from the session as the tables break after a short 50 minute session.

I plonk some South Park on and doze until around 10am when I get on 9 tables and continue the run bad. Again down to -£600 with KK losing to AK twice. I then make a one card Royal Flush and see this as sign that I am sure to make my money back***

I then grind back to be £10 up for the morning and go have my awesome Easter Sunday Lunch. My EV on this session was also £600 short, so I could easily have been posting a £1k+ day. Nevermind as long as the profit keeps rolling I'm sure I'll catch up on EV eventually.

***Anyone who thinks that cards falling in a random manner have some kind of hidden meaning and have further influence on random events, is a Retard with a capital R (do the action). Also, I'm getting sick of all this poker content. I'll write something different soon.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Can't get going

Frustrating start to grinding back in the UK.

I'm -£200 at NLHE playing 27/20 over 5k hands, which is bags of fun. I've been experimenting playing a few more hands out of position against predictable regulars, and it's going quite well (non results oriented-ly). I'll play a few small €15-40 pots like a total retard spaz and invariably lose them, but this is a total setup for when I want to play a larger pot. I got called down today with Ax on 7799x for 170BBs. I had the house obviously :-) Unfortunately I set players up expertly but they bink their two outers and I lose. I reverted back to more traditional play this afternoon for a bit and was just about to book a £100 win, when final hand on my one remaining table of nine, I got AA in on 822 flop vs JJ for £300 and lose that one too. Sigh.

PLO is going better, in that I'm £600 up (+£400 for month total PLO+NLHE) but I still feel like that should be better. I understand that the swings are larger and that you're never that much of a favourite in PLO, but for the largest pots where I've been just about as big a favourite as you can get, I find a way to lose. I keep losing AAxx vs KKxx hands which is slightly annoying because when it happens for 80BBs+ it means that my opponent is a retard. Although I booked a nice win today, I remember losing lots of big pots... a high wrap + flush draw vs low wrap, lots of sets vs wraps, and one in particular in blind battle. We both get it in on A8x, I have A8KT for top two + overs + nut flush draw, he has naked top two with A875 and the turn and river run out 7, 7. Thanks Jesus.

Anyway things aren't obviously that bad. I'm just being melodramatic. I had that awesome Indian tonight, spending a whopping £35 including a meal for mother and sister. That's equivalent to a month's rent in Thailand, or a standard night out for Briggsy consiting of 35 Singhas, four lion fish, a HB14 and a fight.

Gonna break for a bit now and hopefully play a bit of a late shift tonight. I had a nap today which should see me right. I've been going to bed at 10-11pm and getting up at 5-6am which isn't great for poker, though it's pretty much exactly the same routine I was on in Thailand (+7hrs). Meeting up with the pool team tomorrow where I'm sure I will be absolute tosh having only sporadically played on 9 ball tables or knackered old snooker tables for the last 3 months. Anyway looking forward to that and the end of season night out on Sunday. Happy Easter all :-)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Back in the UK

And I'm bloody freezing all the time!

Also to compound my misery further I get raped today at omaha and lose £1k getting it in really good. AAxx loses to KKxx all in preflop twice and various wraps and flush draws brick off.

I must remain focused though as I've got another big grind ahead this month. So some positives since I've got back...

1) Spending £50 on a mouse is actually +EV. This thing is awesome.
2) It's nice to use a 22" screen again.
3) I had home made chips and beefburgers from the farmers market today for lunch. Mmmmmm.
4) I got a free hoody from Ladbrokes and it's actually really nice.

I think I am actually going to enjoy some of the food again. The Thai food is great but I have missed certain things. I had a twister and a boneless box from KFC on Sunday. They don't have those in Thailand, just shrimp burgers. I bet the Colonel is turning in his grave. Also I've mentioned before but I have the greatest Indian takeaway in the world around the corner from me, so I shall be spending about £25 there at some point this week just on myself. Christ thats three 3-course meals in Thailand!

Anyway this is also a reminder to myself to write a pretty indepth review on Thailand. I also had some thoughts last night about how I'm such a cold, methodical beast now and that is purely down to playing millions of hands of poker. I might write a rambling blog on that too if the mood strikes me!

Anyway good luck all for April, let's hope mine picks up! :-)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

March Results

Well my final day wasn't the grind I had in mind, but thankfully I managed to scrape 19th in the rake race and win another £150. A sketchy internet connection meant I was regularly disconnected, so it took me ages to get the 2k hands in that I wanted to play. Job done though and I was able to spend some quality time with a rather attractive young masseuse I got to know in the final week of my stay in Thailand ;-)

I want to write a totally huge trip report, giving likes/dislikes and observations on the places I've been in the last three months. But I'm not doing it now, I'm absolutely shattered. I'm in Doha airport in Qatar (nr UAE) having been awake for 24 hours already, waiting for my final flight back to sunny England. Hopefully I can stick out the next 10 hours so I don't kill myself with jetlag.

I'm totally gutted to be returning home. I have pretty much nothing to look forward to. I really want to see my sister who hasn't been well and is in hospital again for the umpteenth time in the last few years (she has rheumatoid arthritis and has had numerous complications) but apart from obviously seeing the family and catching up with friends again, it's a grim prospect to return home. I'll expand more later. I just wanted to say...

Booya! Ship the £6.6k month and totally awesome time to go along with it :-))))))