Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some PLO

It started a few days ago when there weren't many tables going, so I couldn't play a proper session yet at the same time didn't 100% feel like 9 tabling anyway. So I fired up three tables of PLO100. About an hour later I left £300 up. I came back for a second session the next day, this time six tables for another £400. Then again later for another £300. Hmmm there might be something to this!

Obviously I feel I have some modicum of an idea of what to do at PLO and the truth is when you are playing against some players who are playing 70% of hands and have little grasp of what is a good hand strength on certain boards, it's easy profit. I can't imagine what the early NLHE games must have been like... even worse than this by some margin. If I was this good at poker in 2003 I'd be a millionnaire by now ;-) I feel I can beat the game (certainly at PLO100 and PLO200) on hand selection alone, and it is absolutely immense for rakeback. The amount of flops seen is crazy, and pots get very large when you have four cards in your hand!

I'm 19th at the minute in the rake race, but I feel I will have shifted up a notch after the last day where I 9 tabled a mix of PLO100 and PLO200. There's a decent gap to 20th, which is a $500 drop on the ladder so I'm glad to be clear of it. Then 15th-19th is pretty damn close. These Scandis play some serious volume (is it still dark up there at this time of year?! ;-) ) but I think PLO could be my not-so-secret weapon to moving up $250-$1250 in moneys. I'm a member at both Cardrunners and Stoxpoker and I'm glad to have such a wealth of learning material for PLO at my fingertips. I'm certainly going to give it a good crack of the whip this month, then who knows? I'm back up to £2k in profits and hopefully I can add a little more to that in the final week. Good luck all :-)

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