Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Poker so far in March

Is going really well :-)

I'm £2,800 up, playing quite wide and aggressive. I'm winning at showdown, non-showdown and running above expectation. Poker is easy obviously.

I've been playing at wierd times (GMT wise) and I think I've been lucky enough to catch some players being tired, either that or everyone is now rubbish, as I've been paid off quite nicely. Although saying that I do believe I am now extremely adept at setting up an image, allowing me to get paid off in spots where the same player would definitely fold to Ben "I'm a nit" Holmes ;-)

Playing at these wierd times has also meant that there aren't many tables going, so I've been table selecting at 2/4 and 3/6 also. There are still plenty of weak spots sat at these levels. I'm way up at 2/4 but unfortunately I had a full house under full house to the table super donk (the reason I was at the table) so I'm ~£200 down at 3/6. Nevertheless the bankroll is super healthy at the moment and I'm sure I'll be sat at the higher levels again soon.

My volume hasn't been amazing. It's still alright, but I can do better. I'm not going out for the Man Utd game tonight, so I should be able to play most of today and tomorrow. I'm still yet to hear from the affiliate team if I can get the matched rake race winnings though, if I do, this could potentially be a great month. Still no counting chickens and I will definitely plug on with the grind.


Anonymous said...

Im glad your not going out for the Utd game tonight, seen as its the mora!!

Poker play the Soap way said...

oy oy :D