Saturday, 28 March 2009

LAGing it up

Headed back to the NL tables the last two days, as when I've wanted to play there has been too few PLO tables going to make it worthwhile. I've rediscovered some of the laggy play I used to do so well at NL100 and exploited a lot of the regulars in the last few sessions. As you can see I actually run bad too, I've been getting players on tilt and making them stack off pretty light against me, which feels awesome I must say, especially after stuck-in-a-rut-dull-grinding for ages. The figures above are actually € and not $, so the extra €1.2k would have been really nice. Anyway I am now £3.6k up in poker moneys and on for a late teens finish in the rake race. 15th would be sooo nice for $5,250 but it might be just beyond my reach.

Tip of the day: If you don't have a Euro symbol key on your keyboard, hold down Alt and key 0128, then release Alt. Bingo. € :-)


Anonymous said...

Not a too bad win rate there! Jeez, I'd be delighted with 1/4 of that!

Is that 6 max as those stats would be mental for full ring!

Brenos said...

Yep that's all 6max :-)