Thursday, 12 March 2009

Half the world away

Yet I think I'm now perfectly into a GMT routine. It's nearly 8am here and I'm just about to call it a night. Happy to see Man Utd progress despite not being as convincing as the first leg. Was very impressed with Giggs and Scholes though, well done lads :-)

I've played a lot of poker since the last update and am happy to report am now £4,500 up for the month :-) I just played a solid session of 2/4 for £300 profit, despite not being able to win a race at that level to save my life. Thats nine winning sessions on the bounce, all of them being over an hour in duration. It feels pretty good to be on such a run, but I'm kidding no one (especially myself) if it's going to continue all month. I've played too much poker to think otherwise...

...but here's hoping :-D

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