Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hello loyal blog followers! Well you must be because I've not blogged in ages!

I suppose I've done quite a lot in the month that I've not posted, especially considering I've been travelling around in SE Asia. I guess I've been pretty busy, but not overly so. I don't really know why I've not made the time to write a blog. I'll try to be a bit better this month, I should certainly have lots of poker content for you. I can't really be arsed with a massive update now though, so summary it is:

1) Went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia which is truly an awe inspiring place, especially when you consider how old it is.
2) Went to Bali for a week in a resort. Bought hundreds of DVDs and played some poker.
3) Came back to Krabi, Thailand and rented another house.

Have a check of for more info on what we've been doing.

I played about 30k hands in Feb for a small profit, though regular disconnections and incomplete HHs means my small amount is smaller than my Hold Em Manager thinks.

I've probably only made £2k ish this year, and when you consider...

a) I'm being staked, so barely any of that is mine at the moment
b) No withdrawals have been made, the online roll is growing, not my bank account
c) I'm travelling around SE Asia
d) I think I'm borderline alcoholic
e) Staying in is a crime
f) The women out here are so fit
g) Briggs is definitely alcoholic
h) I love ringing bells in bars

...I need to make some cash.

I plan to play absolutely loads this month. I'm talking as much as I physically can. I want to hit 150k hands 9 tabling but the connection is still slightly iffy so we'll see how that goes. I've not had the best of starts though, as it's now the 5th here and I have logged zero hands. I'm moving my roll back to Ladbrokes to make use of the double matched rake race with RTR and it's proving difficult. The withdrawal took ages to clear, and once it finally did my deposit was declined due to some stupid £1k every 7 days deposit limit that is setup when you create your account. Despite begging the VIP manager to help me out, there's nothing he can do and I have to wait another 24 hours before I can finally get my roll active. I'll defintely make up for lost time though. Hopefully a decent month on the tables will allow me to stay out here a bit longer. Being able to make money anywhere with internet is a luxury I should really make the most of, although the next leg could well be a solo effort.

Anyway, enough for today. I promise to provide a few random back dated updates, as I've had a few interesting experiences out here I should definitely write about. Good luck in March all :-)

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