Monday, 16 March 2009

Cue downswing

So I knew it couldn't go that well for that long. But I didn't think it could go this shitty for this long either.

It's not totally horrible, I've swung down and then basically broke even for a week. That's just why it's shitty. I'm winning in non-showdown spots fine, as I do think I hand read especially well, but I am getting mullered in the all in spots.

For the cash regulars, you will know that occasionally you need to mix things up with suited connector type hands and play a big pot with them. How it generally goes is you either whiff and fold, or flop huge. But just for once when I flop huge I'd like to actually win the pot. Exactly every time when I have flopped huge, I have ran into the very top of my opponents range, but even then the board always bricks off, or I'll get there but get counterfieted on the river.

Grinding out this many hands is a real chore when you're not winning any big pots. Anyway I'm back down to being £1,200 up for the month, which is of course not bad at all. Ignore the currency in the above graph, there's hopefully a fix for that soon. I'm missing about £1,000 in EV but that's not much over 30k hands. I'm well placed in the rake race however. Top 30 pays ~$3,000 and I should secure that, and get my double payment from Rake The Rake too :-)

Non poker wise it's been thundering a lot lately, and when it rains here, it really fucking rains. Hoping to get out for a day on a boat for some big game fishing though. Then I'm sure it'll be back on the laptop for some more cyber fishing again :-S

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