Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Internet outage

After a huge mega thunderstorm our internet went down as has been since for about 48 hours now I think. Thankfully I have managed to cadge onto a neighbours connection today though it is very iffy to say the least. I've dropped way off the pace in the rake race, I'm really close to falling to 20th which is a $500 drop from 19th which I really don't want. I'm going out to get my final fitting for some suits I'm buying, then I am going to hammer the tables until the race finishes at Midnight GMT.

Going into final day I am £3k up in moneys, and on for $4k + $1k in the rake race. Let's see if I can improve on that somewhat. Gogogogo!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

LAGing it up

Headed back to the NL tables the last two days, as when I've wanted to play there has been too few PLO tables going to make it worthwhile. I've rediscovered some of the laggy play I used to do so well at NL100 and exploited a lot of the regulars in the last few sessions. As you can see I actually run bad too, I've been getting players on tilt and making them stack off pretty light against me, which feels awesome I must say, especially after stuck-in-a-rut-dull-grinding for ages. The figures above are actually € and not $, so the extra €1.2k would have been really nice. Anyway I am now £3.6k up in poker moneys and on for a late teens finish in the rake race. 15th would be sooo nice for $5,250 but it might be just beyond my reach.

Tip of the day: If you don't have a Euro symbol key on your keyboard, hold down Alt and key 0128, then release Alt. Bingo. € :-)

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some PLO

It started a few days ago when there weren't many tables going, so I couldn't play a proper session yet at the same time didn't 100% feel like 9 tabling anyway. So I fired up three tables of PLO100. About an hour later I left £300 up. I came back for a second session the next day, this time six tables for another £400. Then again later for another £300. Hmmm there might be something to this!

Obviously I feel I have some modicum of an idea of what to do at PLO and the truth is when you are playing against some players who are playing 70% of hands and have little grasp of what is a good hand strength on certain boards, it's easy profit. I can't imagine what the early NLHE games must have been like... even worse than this by some margin. If I was this good at poker in 2003 I'd be a millionnaire by now ;-) I feel I can beat the game (certainly at PLO100 and PLO200) on hand selection alone, and it is absolutely immense for rakeback. The amount of flops seen is crazy, and pots get very large when you have four cards in your hand!

I'm 19th at the minute in the rake race, but I feel I will have shifted up a notch after the last day where I 9 tabled a mix of PLO100 and PLO200. There's a decent gap to 20th, which is a $500 drop on the ladder so I'm glad to be clear of it. Then 15th-19th is pretty damn close. These Scandis play some serious volume (is it still dark up there at this time of year?! ;-) ) but I think PLO could be my not-so-secret weapon to moving up $250-$1250 in moneys. I'm a member at both Cardrunners and Stoxpoker and I'm glad to have such a wealth of learning material for PLO at my fingertips. I'm certainly going to give it a good crack of the whip this month, then who knows? I'm back up to £2k in profits and hopefully I can add a little more to that in the final week. Good luck all :-)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Brutal stuff

Wow I think this month could well be the end of me!

I fought back to go back up over £3k up for the month, then last night logged my biggest ever losing session ever ever ever. I nine tabled 2/4 and got absolutely mullered. I only lost 6 buyins but that is over £2k in actual moneys and pretty much wiped my profit for the month. The hands were totally super cooler setups too. I wouldn't have felt bad about this session at all had it not been for such a significant amount of money. AK loses race, QQ loses race, KK Vs AA, QQ Vs KK and one marginal spot early on where I stacked off with top 2 Vs a made flush on the turn. I could have folded here but there is a large chance he has worse 2 pair trying to protect, or semi bluffing w/Ax flush draw. Plus early on I always lean towards showing down. It's only one buyin anyway, I guess I just wasn't expecting to get setup for five more + change :-S

Anyway I got back on the bandwagon this morning and thankfully won about a third of it back at 1/2. I'm really glad to have hit the ground running after that session. The rake race is ticking along nicely though, go on check_lol flying the flag for Britain! Although there is some sneaky small print in the RTR promotion that means I only get it matched up to a max of $1k. Still nevermind, makes for a nice bonus.

Looking forward to heading out on the beers tonight for footy marathon of Portsmouth Everton, Spurs Chelsea, then Arsenal Toon. Man Utd are away at Fulham and it will be on telly (they show all the games here, TrueSport on cable has 6 channels, so if there are 6 or less games on at once, they are all on!) but we'll have a shit side out and hopefully grind out a boring win. Spurs Chelsea could well be a cracker!

Non pokerwise I don't really have much to write about. I seem to sleep, watch The Sopranos on DVD, eat, play poker, watch footy when it's on, go out drinking once in a while, go out for a massage once in a while (legitimate!) and eat lots of crap from the 7/11 just round the corner. I think I am addicted to Mentos. They are so rediculously moreish. I don't think they're that widespread in the UK, but seriously if you see a pack, buy it, have just one, then write a comment on this blog agreeing with me after you have demolished the whole pack in 30 seconds flat. They are also 20p a pack here so I've put on weight again! I've also lost my tan staying inside hammering the poker. Must have a day off at the beach soon. And also get big game fishing booked up, looking forward to that one!

I'll leave you with a super awesome hand history...

PokerStars Game #14887035490: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10) - 2008/01/28 - 13:11:01 (ET)
Table 'Philia' 6-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: Mrs Peru ($10.05 in chips)
Seat 2: Issam 13 ($11.85 in chips)
Seat 3: Timobub ($1.85 in chips)
Seat 6: @sjh16 ($8.25 in chips)
Rake 16 will be allowed to play after the button
@sjh16: posts small blind $0.05
Mrs Peru: posts big blind $0.10
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Mrs Peru [2s 2d]
Issam 13: raises $0.10 to $0.20
Timobub: folds
@sjh16: folds
Mrs Peru: calls $0.10
*** FLOP *** [3c 3d 2h]
Mrs Peru: checks
Issam 13: bets $0.30
Mrs Peru: calls $0.30
*** TURN *** [3c 3d 2h] [3h]
Mrs Peru: checks
Issam 13: bets $0.50
Mrs Peru: calls $0.50
*** RIVER *** [3c 3d 2h 3h] [3s]
Mrs Peru said, "sick sick sick"
Mrs Peru said, "22"

Mrs Peru: checks
ss06vi joins the table at seat #5
Issam 13: folds
Mrs Peru collected $1.95 from pot
Mrs Peru: doesn't show hand
Issam 13 said, "lucky"
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $2.05 Rake $0.10
Board [3c 3d 2h 3h 3s]
Seat 1: Mrs Peru (big blind) collected ($1.95)
Seat 2: Issam 13 folded on the River
Seat 3: Timobub (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: @sjh16 (small blind) folded before Flop

Respect the six card, super duper full house of quads plus trips by open folding, well played :-)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Cue downswing

So I knew it couldn't go that well for that long. But I didn't think it could go this shitty for this long either.

It's not totally horrible, I've swung down and then basically broke even for a week. That's just why it's shitty. I'm winning in non-showdown spots fine, as I do think I hand read especially well, but I am getting mullered in the all in spots.

For the cash regulars, you will know that occasionally you need to mix things up with suited connector type hands and play a big pot with them. How it generally goes is you either whiff and fold, or flop huge. But just for once when I flop huge I'd like to actually win the pot. Exactly every time when I have flopped huge, I have ran into the very top of my opponents range, but even then the board always bricks off, or I'll get there but get counterfieted on the river.

Grinding out this many hands is a real chore when you're not winning any big pots. Anyway I'm back down to being £1,200 up for the month, which is of course not bad at all. Ignore the currency in the above graph, there's hopefully a fix for that soon. I'm missing about £1,000 in EV but that's not much over 30k hands. I'm well placed in the rake race however. Top 30 pays ~$3,000 and I should secure that, and get my double payment from Rake The Rake too :-)

Non poker wise it's been thundering a lot lately, and when it rains here, it really fucking rains. Hoping to get out for a day on a boat for some big game fishing though. Then I'm sure it'll be back on the laptop for some more cyber fishing again :-S

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Half the world away

Yet I think I'm now perfectly into a GMT routine. It's nearly 8am here and I'm just about to call it a night. Happy to see Man Utd progress despite not being as convincing as the first leg. Was very impressed with Giggs and Scholes though, well done lads :-)

I've played a lot of poker since the last update and am happy to report am now £4,500 up for the month :-) I just played a solid session of 2/4 for £300 profit, despite not being able to win a race at that level to save my life. Thats nine winning sessions on the bounce, all of them being over an hour in duration. It feels pretty good to be on such a run, but I'm kidding no one (especially myself) if it's going to continue all month. I've played too much poker to think otherwise...

...but here's hoping :-D

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Poker so far in March

Is going really well :-)

I'm £2,800 up, playing quite wide and aggressive. I'm winning at showdown, non-showdown and running above expectation. Poker is easy obviously.

I've been playing at wierd times (GMT wise) and I think I've been lucky enough to catch some players being tired, either that or everyone is now rubbish, as I've been paid off quite nicely. Although saying that I do believe I am now extremely adept at setting up an image, allowing me to get paid off in spots where the same player would definitely fold to Ben "I'm a nit" Holmes ;-)

Playing at these wierd times has also meant that there aren't many tables going, so I've been table selecting at 2/4 and 3/6 also. There are still plenty of weak spots sat at these levels. I'm way up at 2/4 but unfortunately I had a full house under full house to the table super donk (the reason I was at the table) so I'm ~£200 down at 3/6. Nevertheless the bankroll is super healthy at the moment and I'm sure I'll be sat at the higher levels again soon.

My volume hasn't been amazing. It's still alright, but I can do better. I'm not going out for the Man Utd game tonight, so I should be able to play most of today and tomorrow. I'm still yet to hear from the affiliate team if I can get the matched rake race winnings though, if I do, this could potentially be a great month. Still no counting chickens and I will definitely plug on with the grind.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hello loyal blog followers! Well you must be because I've not blogged in ages!

I suppose I've done quite a lot in the month that I've not posted, especially considering I've been travelling around in SE Asia. I guess I've been pretty busy, but not overly so. I don't really know why I've not made the time to write a blog. I'll try to be a bit better this month, I should certainly have lots of poker content for you. I can't really be arsed with a massive update now though, so summary it is:

1) Went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia which is truly an awe inspiring place, especially when you consider how old it is.
2) Went to Bali for a week in a resort. Bought hundreds of DVDs and played some poker.
3) Came back to Krabi, Thailand and rented another house.

Have a check of http://holmesbigdeal.blogspot.com/ for more info on what we've been doing.

I played about 30k hands in Feb for a small profit, though regular disconnections and incomplete HHs means my small amount is smaller than my Hold Em Manager thinks.

I've probably only made £2k ish this year, and when you consider...

a) I'm being staked, so barely any of that is mine at the moment
b) No withdrawals have been made, the online roll is growing, not my bank account
c) I'm travelling around SE Asia
d) I think I'm borderline alcoholic
e) Staying in is a crime
f) The women out here are so fit
g) Briggs is definitely alcoholic
h) I love ringing bells in bars

...I need to make some cash.

I plan to play absolutely loads this month. I'm talking as much as I physically can. I want to hit 150k hands 9 tabling but the connection is still slightly iffy so we'll see how that goes. I've not had the best of starts though, as it's now the 5th here and I have logged zero hands. I'm moving my roll back to Ladbrokes to make use of the double matched rake race with RTR and it's proving difficult. The withdrawal took ages to clear, and once it finally did my deposit was declined due to some stupid £1k every 7 days deposit limit that is setup when you create your account. Despite begging the VIP manager to help me out, there's nothing he can do and I have to wait another 24 hours before I can finally get my roll active. I'll defintely make up for lost time though. Hopefully a decent month on the tables will allow me to stay out here a bit longer. Being able to make money anywhere with internet is a luxury I should really make the most of, although the next leg could well be a solo effort.

Anyway, enough for today. I promise to provide a few random back dated updates, as I've had a few interesting experiences out here I should definitely write about. Good luck in March all :-)