Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Poker Gods aren't well...

They've got the runs and it's all landing on me!

Yes so this is a whinge post, [but read on, I lighten up]. Today has been incredible. I raced upto $800 this afternoon, but still below EV I must stress. Then later this evening, fuck me. Pots where I lost 90bb+ (Street):

(F)Overpair vs Set
(F)Flopped Str vs Flush
(R)Flopped King Flush vs Ace Flush
(F)OESFD vs Overcards
(F)Set vs Set
(T)Str Fl semibluff vs Top pair
(P)AK vs JJ
(T)Floped King Flush vs Ace Flush
(F)Set vs Set
(P)AA vs AJ (oh yes) 89TJ.....J for ultimate sweat
(F)NFD+Overs vs Top pair
(F)Top pair+FD vs Overpair
(T)AA vs JJ

So the EV of these situations means very little, as the money is going in when I have a set on a dry board pretty much regardless of action with effective stacks of less than 150bb. I'm also really good at flopping second best flushes and whiffing mahoosive draws. Incidentally I didn't mention a few days ago, but AA lost to 58ss all in pre. This month I've got AA in pre three times, once for 30bb versus a shortie which I won, and twice for >100bb vs AJ and 58 and I've lost.

So after a high point of +$1500 for the month, I am back down to +$300. But the volume is looking good. I can nine table pretty well with all my software gismos on the go, and I aim to log another few k hands before a big night out on Saturday.

For those of you who don't know, the mighty Manchester United take on Premiership minnows and relegation bound Tottenham Hotspurs in the FA Cup, a taster for the League Cup final, which has been renamed to 'Manchester United versus "How the fuck did they get past Burnely?!"'

I might buy a cheap knock off Man Utd 'Berbatov' top to wear on the night. Whenever I see someone in a footy top on a night out he instantly gets tarnished with the 'dick head' label. But I suppose it's a bit different out here and certainly different as an 'in-joke' amongst mates. If it's around a tenner I'll snap it up.

Tomorrow we are going for a 'Gay-off' at the local massage/beauty parlour. I'm going for a haircut, manicure, pedicure and full body oil massage (no more of that thai torture for me thanks). Briggsy may brave a back wax, aswell as the haircut, mani & pedi and massage, so he could well be the winner here. Either way Ben is definitely coming last as he is just getting a haircut and a massage. This is in no way proving his masculinity as he's not had a proper night out here yet. So in spectacular fashion he is going to lose the 'Gay-off' yet still be the most gay person here. And he's a cockney. And he's not going to like this when he gets up...


mberenis said...

Great blog, stop by and play a round of poker sometime.

Very Fun!Free!

BH said...


Revenge will be sweet later, no way you can stop me taking a photo when you are having your nails varnished / feet in a foot spa (or whatever it is they do).

Make sure you wear something pink to complete the effect....

Rich said...


I assume that picture is of a lady boy. I hope briggs didnt get to close!