Monday, 19 January 2009

It's been a while...

Yeah so I've not updated the blog in a while. It's not like I've even been very busy. Lots of lazing in the sun, football in the pool, snooker, head first dives off the diving board, a few hands of poker and a smidge of the gym.

As you can see, our new place is pretty nice. There is an upper pool next to the gym that runs down via a waterfall into the lower pool. You might be able to make out the snooker table behind the diving board. The peaked roofed outbuilding is the gym and our appartment is directly above that on the left.

We've had completely free use of everything so far. There's been no one in the gym, and no one around the pool. It could be said that perhaps we are putting people off coming down when we let off a bit of steam throwing a ball around, and attempting stupid dives off the diving board (which have left my ears perma filled with water) but I think on the most part we are very good neighbours.

Here's my first bit of video editing for your entertainment :-)

Aside from that we've not done much. We haven't even had a proper day at the beach yet. It looks really nice, I can't wait to go for a dip in the sea. We shall be arranging some island tours, snorkelling, scuba and other activities very shortly.

Going out for food on an evening has been an absolute pleasure. I'm eating some fruit for breakfast, and then having a two course meal on an evening. The heat and sun are really effecting my appetite, but when I do! This evening I had spring rolls to start. Forget any spring rolls you've had at home, they are amazing out here. Then for my main course I had my first Thai Green Chicken Curry. I ordered some vegetable fried rice to go with it and wowowowomgomg I think this might have been the nicest meal I have ever had. The curry is spicy but not overly so you struggle at the end, and the veg with the fried rice was out of this world. I washed this all down with a couple of glasses of freshly squeezed lemon juice (mmmm) and had a few bits of watermelon and pineapple from the complimentary fruit plate. All this for a smidge over a fiver. Unbelievable.

The fruit out here is incredible too. We bought quite a lot in bulk last week and it's just soo good. We've still got a quater of a huuuuge watermelon left which I will help to finish off for breakfast in the morning.

Pokerwise I have played a bit more, totalling 5.5k hands but unfortunately have had a couple of losing sessions so am only a 2bb/100 winner for just over $250. I think my lack of blogging, emailing the folks and friends back home, and logging poker hands has been down to me drinking too much. Not like going out getting battered every night, but having a few with my evening meal, then maybe a couple more when the footy is on. A 3pm kick off is 11pm here so it's very easy to stay out for a few after eating and watch the game. I'm quite strict on myself for not playing when tired/drunk, and the blogging/emailing I put off just out of laziness really :-p I'm not going to drink at all this week though and save myself for a good Saturday night out here, which again we've not done yet, and it's the busiest night of the week by far. I wonder if I can make the Merseyside derby tonight at 3am, those dive bombs took it out of me today!

Anyway, lots of poker shall be played this week, hope to bring you good news on that front soon :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

LOL quality vid.

Now get head down and make some cash at poker !!!!

I run sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!

TEAMDOBB said...

so fecking jealous ya bar stewards

booked Vegas for S2c 21st in Sept yesterday to get my own back on ya twats!!!

Amatay said...

Looks the bollocks. I might be out there next week hopefully :-)

Shark981 said...

no wonder ur not matching Ben at poker with vids like that- Quality tho :-)

Brenos said...

He's such a luck box! ;-)