Friday, 2 January 2009


You've all probably heard about the fire. Pretty terrible news.

Had a good new year at the plush Bed Supper Club where thankfully they didn't let off firecrackers indoors. Have enjoyed the start of the trip and especially the food so far. Our hotel isn't half bad either, with cracking pool, gym and spa facilities.

I've only played about an hour of poker on Big Slick (ipoker network) at $1/2 and was unlucky not to win more than just $200. Still a nice start to poker in Thailand. I can't get into my Ladbrokes account here. Don't know yet if it's just the hotel wireless or if it's entirely restricted in Thailand. Guess we'll see soon. I was quite surprised that I was able to deposit £1500 into my Big Slick account though. I guess my bank fraud team work GMT hours ;-) Message me if you want an account there as I can get you locked in on the highest VIP bonus level, meaning you get ~35% rakeback as well as other loyalty offers.

I'm off to see some sights now so will write a proper update soon.

Happy New Year :-)

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TEAMDOBB said...

enjoy enjoy and I think Animal on about poss meet up with ya