Thursday, 24 December 2009

Xmas Update

Large amounts of retardation at the tables this time of year. Ship the 10 buyins so far today. Hopefully I'm not done as should be quite juicy later tonight.

EDIT: Ship the 15 buyins :-)

Pokerwise December has gone well. I updated my thread at the NPF a few days ago, check here for some meaningful poker content. So apart from the slight mishap at NL100, it's going well and since last updating I'm probably looking at ~£1k profits thus far, with about that again in bonus & rb. I'm sure I can add a decent amount to that before 2010 comes around :-)

Merry Christmas everyone :-)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Poker Blog

OK thinly disguised digs and jokey posts aside, it's time to publish some poker content.

I've been partaking in a small stakes challenge this month on the NPF. All the details are in my thread, here. As you can see I've semi-regularly updated it and hence haven't been updating the blog when I really should have been. Cross post:

OK can't be chewed with SSs at this hour so I'm gonna just type up from HEM.

So far I have played a little over 11k hands at NL20 for €160, which is 7bb/100. Preflop stats are 24/20 with 7% 3b.

Since I made the big adjustments on the 2nd Dec I have actually crushed for 21bb/100. I also upped the # tables yesterday as I believe playing more tables at NL20 pushes my game into the more optimum zone... ie not getting bored and trying to win a random big pot.

My plan was to get to over 10k hands at NL20, and post results showing >5bb winrate. Mission accomplished there. Next step was up to NL50 and hopefully post the same, but most likely a much larger sample. I only wanted to play NL20 for the first week. In two minds now as it's definitely possible to crush this level. I'll start table selecting pretty hard at NL20/50 and take it from there :)

Aside from the mirco stakes cash play, I've occassionaly ground out the Super Turbos on FTP (currently at 20% roi), and this evening played an MTT session of a few hours, losing a small amount. I final tabled two $6 90 Man tournies but only managed 5th and 7th, not winning a single all in on both final tables (all AQ+, 99+)

Enjoying the change of pace so far but I've been quite lazy so far logging only 25 hours, but doing OKish at around £9 p/h :-S Looking to play a lot this week before I do a huge amount of driving this weekend down to Bristol, then up to Leeds then back up here in the space of a few days. Please car don't die!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Knee Update

Feels OK ish.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

United Fourth XI Ease Past Woeful Spurs

Manchester United Fourth XI 2 - 0 Tottenham Shitspurs

Two nice goals from Darron Gibson who incidentally has the greatest long range shot in the world. Yes better than Ronaldo. I told you!

That is all :-)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Donkament win

Feels great to take down such a large field tourney. After 99% cash poker for over a year now I forget the enourmous sense of achievement you can get from winning one of these. Ok so it's just a little $5 tourney but I'm chuffed to bits! There's $15 of bounties to add on too ;-)

Really happy with how I played it. Totally crushed from about 90 players left just playing the stack size game, and only racing for less than 50% of my chips, with it being nice to win on the two occasions that I did flip. Also helped to have two very weak players on the FT and as the field thinned and I remained chip leader it was just a matter of time in my mind.

Not all good news however in that I had a bad day at the cash tables yesterday, made a hero call that was not good (grrrr!) and lost a big flip, but the tourney score does help things somewhat. Hopefully I'm not done for Novemeber either as I'm going to log some serious tourney time early in the week when I can play longer sessions, whereas Weds-Fri I'm always out.

Good luck all :-)

Friday, 27 November 2009


Last 5 days shortstacking cash. Pretty happy to be running well but mainly pretty happy with my strategy as EV adjusted that's still 7bb/100. I'm maxing out Laddies at 10 tables which makes for a nice hourly. I'm still -£1.5k for the month though but hopefully I can keep plugging on the SSing cash and low level SnGs to finish strong for a fresh start in December.

Incidentally if you want to set yourself a challenge in December like I do, head over to here. Gl all :-)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Turbos

Back in my retarded days I used to play 10 man "normal speed" sit-n-gos on the old Crypto network. After initally losing, I read HOH and got to grips with the structure and started crushing. I then learned I could make more $$$ playing cash so I made the gradual switch. The Full Tilt standard "normal speed" 9 man sit-n-gos are remarkably similar to the old crypto ones, so I started playing those this month. I'm a winner at those, but today I decided to have a pop at the turbos...

Just a quick hour and fourty five mins after my tea before I go out for pool. Ran hot obviously finishing ITM in exactly half of the tournies played. The $6.50s are "Turbos" with 3 min blind levels, and the $7.50s are "Super Turbos" where you only start with 10bbs on 3 min levels. So it's pretty mental action. I only decided to 9 table as I wasn't sure on how hard it would be, but I reckon I can do 12 next time. I reg'd for another super turbo if I bust in the first 3 levels so I got a few more of those in.

I'm going to stick to grinding the STTs for two reasons:

1) I'm 15 buyins below EV after only 6k hands shortstacking
2) I'm enjoying the tournies believe it or not!

I've also been playing the 90 and 180 manners on an evening and am +ROI there too, but no big scores yet, just consistent small cashes. I'll win some key hands late on soon for a nice return I'm sure. I'll post some more results and graphs when I've got a more meaningful sample :-)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Lack of updates = Shit times

So since I drunkedly pissed away £1.5k a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had a winning session since. Nice timing.

There's obviously a slight psychological contribution to the downswing, but the poker side of things has been quite horrific. I have been super happy getting my money in, but not at all happy with the outcome. A session a couple of days ago really took the biscuit. For the second time in my life I flopped quads and lost. I also flopped a full house and lost, and had two set under sets. I tried to play through it pushing a couple of big draws which of course didn't get there. If you read those last couple of sentences carefully you might spot a trend. I've been trying to slow down with my big hands a lot this month, and obviously still push big draws/observed weakness for fold equity. I may be playing Devil's Advocate with myself but it could be being picked up on. At least the results make it feel that way. As I can't win a big pot taking either passive or aggressive lines at all this month, I've decided to take that out of the equation and play braindead poker... Sit n Gos and shortstacking!

I played a 'tourney night' on Sunday with poor results, but a positive mindset to show for it. I was a couple of hours into 8 tournies accross two sites, and was above average in every single one. Then in the space of about 2 minutes I bust five of them in pretty standard setup spots. Then I make what I considered a standard call in the BB for 80% of my stack with KJs after a BTN push. I realised in horror after clicking 'call' though that this was the satellite to the Aussie Millions weekly final and I was 8/16 with 12 seats. FUCK! I obviously lose to Q3o.

I final table a $5 800 runner jobbie after totally pwning the field from 90 left. I am chipleader at the final table but I do a 'Phillip Hilm' and am first out in 9th. I opened tons of hands but chose well when to call off against re-pushes. I lose AK vs AJ, TT vs 88 and AQ vs 44. I am now short and push KQ in the SB into the BB's AA. GG. Pretty soul destroying.

Anyhow the small roll at Full Tilt I mentioned earlier in the month is now a little less small, growing to $350 after that monsterous $60 score taking 9th from 800 :-/ and some $5 STT grindage. I'm at 30% ROI atm playing batches of 12. I'm going to continue that this month. I'd normally consider it a waste of my time but I actually need to do it this month things are so bad. I cleared off all my credit in one lump last month so my life roll is short, and now my poker roll is short too! I'm going to shorstack the same cash games on Laddies as there isn't enough STT traffic for my multitabling abilities. I'll get some chat abuse from the regs but it's all a good lesson in humility imo. I've fucked up but I'm going to get out of it.

Gogogogo small stakes grindage!

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Butterfly effect

If I could make it so that one day in my life didn`t actually take place, yesterday would be it.

Was out with the lads in the local pool league, playing away out in the sticks somewhere and its not my turn to drive so I plan on having a few drinks. I sit down in one of those old deep window ledge seats with my first pint as we`re racking up for practise. I lean my shoulder blade against the window frame just gently and POP I feel it go. I half fall through the window as the whole room hears the glass break on the tarmac outside. I was lucky not to cut myself as it was an awkward break on obviously old glass, where there was some hefty shards still in the frame. Still quite embarassing to have to fetch the landlord and apologise. He didn`t believe my story one bit.

So this mishap makes me intent on getting even more drunk. But the next catastrophe would happen whilst still sober. My round, I walk through the rabbit warren of corridors out of the pool room and into the bar, and make my way back with a tray of 6 drinks. A couple of our lads were running late but had arrived whilst I was at the bar. I say hello to Steve as I walk into the room, and he turns excitedly to greet me not realising I have a tray of drinks. Too late. They go everywhere, half down him half down me and soak the floor in the pokey pool room. Landlord present. Sarcastic "double thumbs up".

We whitewash the pool, thomping home with a 9-0 away win. I wash down a nice supper with a few more whiskey and lemonades. As I`ve been in a horrible 7am-2pm sleep routine for a while now, I obviously can`t just go to sleep. I`m also past the point of wanting to sober up too, so I crack open a bottle of wine in the house.

Cock, cock, cock, cock, COCK!

I stupidly decide to play some poker. I was up over £1k for Novemeber. Was.

I`m now down £500. So I effectively lost £1500 yesterday. £300 of that was legitimately on the afternoon, but still. This was pretty much all HU NL50 which is just a totally stupendous amount of buyins. I mean really! One opponent was truly terrible and I ran horri-bad against him, but the other few were capable and once they figured out I was hammered just entered lock up mode and only played TPGK or better poker. Thing is, I even knew they were doing this, but drunken mentality rules and "I must play on to bust him". Didn`t happen.

I hadn`t played drunk online in aaaages too. I really thought I`d cracked it. And last night I really was beyond drunk. I`ve woken up to quite a few "buddy list" invites in my inbox! Flip side there though in that I`ve got some good rematches when I play again, but it won`t be for a while yet.

Punishing myself with a low stakes grind. I`ve got $200 in Full Tilt which will be at $500 by the end of the weekend, and $1500 by the end of the month. Plan is to return to usual stakes next week and then just part time grind FT after that.

I`m not done. Took another life beat today at Halfords. I bought a new car stereo earlier in the week, a fancy one that can take my iphone and that I`d hoped would hook up to my steering wheel controls. I fitted it myself the other day no bother, but couldn`t get the steering wheel controls going no matter what I tried. I`d bought the extra wiring and patch leads but it just didn`t work. Not a huge problem I thought, I`ll just pay Halfords £20 to do it, as they`ve got advertised. Managed to drag myself up and drive there for 2pm. The guy faffed on for an hour, consulted the largest book I`ve ever seen, eventually concluding that my particular model controls would only work with the stock Vauxhall radio. Cack. He fits it anyway and we go inside to checkout, "That`s £39.99 please sir". "Err, no it isn`t". I point to the sign. He belatedly explains that the offer is for basic models and mine is a super awesome complicated one. I try to string a sentence together telling him that he hasn`t done that though, it was a very basic fitting as none of the extras work. It`s all electronically linked though and it he can`t ring it through for any less. I feel like shite so just give up and pay. £40 on something I not just "could do" but actually already had done!

Anyway that`s the ramble over with. Going to enjoy a weekend off with mates :-) Also pretty impossible to feel bad about the world after you watch this. Go on, don`t laugh!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

NPF Weekend

I've had a majorly hectic and tiring weekend, but a thoroughly enjoyable one at that. So much so that this is the first time I have saved a blog draft and come back to it to add more. This could be a biggie...

Thursday I went out Student style with Rogers and the footy lads, ending up in Digital till chucking out time. Then moving onto Circus for some some early morning donking after an absolute skinful of beer. I dump £80. Friday I am mostly hungover all day at Ben's, but play some HU cash later for a nice £200.

Saturday saw the start of the 2nd Annual Newcastle Poker Forum Championships at Circus again, which I knew would be a good event, but I really underestimated what a great structure it was, how awesomely ran it was, and how much great craic everyone would have. On the Thursday after Ben had got us both registered, I had visions of running awesomely in a live tournament for once. I'd cooler the hell out of everyone early on, and win every flip and 60/40 late game and finally take something down worth winning. So in my sweep stake choice for final table I proudly had myself as the #1 pick, along with TeamDobbs and a few other solid players I knew about, but omitting Ben as a bit of a rib at him. Mistake.

I've not much to talk about my tournament really. Peaked at 14k from 10k starting stack. TD mentions on his blog but I don't remember, a hand where I win with 53o from the BB vs his AK. Must have made 2 pair in a multi way pot or something, because I know I wouldn't play TD heads up out of position with such a weak holding. They'd have to be at least suited ;-)

I remember flatting an EP raise MP call with AJdd, flop QxTdTx and it being checked to me. I fire half pot and only the BB comes along. I'm weighting him here to 90% weak Ts and occasionally a weak Q, hadn't quite figured him out yet. Turn is 9d giving me gillions of outs. I decide to fire again half pot knowing that I am unlikely to be 4x raised and priced off my draw if he does have a T, fold out a Q, and I have a very disguised hand should I hit the river. I am min-raised :-) So I make the trivial 600 into 3k call. Another diamond hits the river and I value bet nicely and get paid off by T5.

My opening table really did play very well. I was seated with Ben, TD and Jimmy Chipmunk who I already knew about, but also sat next to Rachel and had Scotty & Steve Brennan other side of table all of whom didn't take me long to figure out were capable players. Infact it was a hand with Scotty that decided my tournament.

He'd been quite active for the last two orbits and open raised the button on my BB. I flat with 78cc and see a JxJc7x flop. A fairly obvious way ahead/way behind flop, but I think I'm way ahead and can win a bet here. I check, he checks. Turn is a Kc which although giving me outs, isn't a card I wanted to fire as I didn't feel I could rep much. He checks behind. River is 6c giving me the backdoor flush. I act really strong and bang out a 2k bet hoping to get called by whatever pair he may have, or induce a raise from air. He makes a healthy raise and I umm and ahh and decide to call, as I'd kind of levelled myself into it how I played the hand. He really does have to have 66 here and the rest are bluffs. Yup he has 66. Had a lengthy discussion with Ben on this hand, specifically my turn play. Agreed with him later that a turn bet is best, and that I'm too used to playing 100bb+ deep. I later found out about an aggressive re-shove by Scotty with KJ vs TeamDobbs which made me happier about my call. That would have put me double average which is where I want to be and would have put my net worth on me making the final 20 from there. Instead I'm short and the worst thing to happen when you're short is get moved. With no image I raise 44 in LP, there's a flat out the blinds and see a K high flop where I cbet and am check raised, so I fold leaving myself only a shove. Orbit later I shove 89ss from LP but find AKo in the SB and lose the 60/40. GG.

Railing was tons of fun, especially as I now could have a few beers and crack on with a few of the people I know, and say hello to more that I didn't. I played some Blackjack for a nice £120 profit before following the final few tables in earnest. DreamDobb made a comedy appearance as Mr Flushy. Only pictures can do that justice! Phlmc drunkenly crashed off his chair, but managed to save his beer from what seemed like certain ruin.

Ben cruised it really, and retired for an early night leaving me to play some cash. Was a fun table with Rob who I met earlier (don't know his forum name)
Roscopiko and Chipmunk who I already knew, and a couple of other crisps and recognisable forum contributors. My stack yoyos all over the place, losing a big pot to Rosco with trips to a bigger trips, winning it back in a 3bet pot with 94cc, losing more with AK, winning it back with a flopped wheel with 24 getting paid off 3 streets by what I assume was a sole top pair :-) Moved onto the main casino floor with my large stack but lost most of it with 77 on JJ7 vs AJ for the board to run out Q, Q. Won a large but strange pot with AK, where I had 4 bet massive preflop after a 3bet and two calls, flopped nothing but was committed with a cbet versus his stack. I flop nothing (can't remember exactly, think it was 762 flop) and bet £35 into the huge pot (around £150) He tanks for 2 minutes with £50 behind then eventually folds KQ face up. LOL. I then lose a hefty one with AK vs QQ all in pre, and finish the night £40 up :-/

Next day I follow Ben's progress at the final table, then enter the £20 bounty game last minute. I had held off as guessed it would be a 20bb shove fest, but turns out there was a decent amount of play. I also really wanted to follow Ben as a) I have a share and b) I was his only supporter. I was seated with Stumpy who knew my name from TD and Soap at the CPC, and was a pleasure to meet. I think he told everyone I knew what I was doing though! Also had a chat with Pads who seemed like a very good player. I lost my first pot with AKss after flopping a royal flush draw but gave up the river. Thankfully I managed to double up shortly after otherwise I would have given up this game pretty quickly. Pot is opened from MP, two flats, I flat the button with 53dd. Flop is 4dJx8x. It's checked round to Buzz (from Walker's Sensations) next to me who fires at the pot. I decide to float for a couple of combined reasons. Firstly, the 4d is out there! Secondly, he's in a team and I've seen him deal really well, so I assume he's decent and will play me fairly well. Also by flatting I think I can rep any hand on the turn, any turned straight card, any small card I can rep protect a Q etc etc. Unfortunately he checks the turn to me but fortunately it's the 2d. I fire a little over half the pot planning to bet value-ish if I miss and bomb it if I hit. River is an offsuit 6 giving me the 2nd nuts, he checks again and I insta ship in that Mike Caro "he's weak" way and I do get looked up by a sole J. He called pretty quickly so I guess maybe my turn thinking was bad about folding him out on the river should I miss, but hey it worked out.

I then raise quite a bit picking up some blinds and win a couple of 60/40s. With my big stack I continue the raising game in this massively aggressive structure hoping to accumulate. At this point K turns up (Ben's GF) and Ben has about 30% of chips in play at the final table, and I have similar in the bounty tournament. As we are the only two people she knows in the whole casino, she sits with him and then me when he's on a break. She gets a bit of ribbing about sitting with blokes with big chip stacks, all in good fun :-) My raising doesn't work out as I lose about five 60/40s on the bounce with my stack at an all time low of ~5bbs.

Fortunately I win a key three way all in for once in my life with JJ vs AT and AQ and never look back. I double again in another strange hand. There's a shove, Pads flats in the SB and I flat A6cc in the BB. Flop 542, check check. Turn 3 and Pads bets, I shove. He tanks. CGK on the mic announces that Ben is all in so I stand up and half go over. My table asks in amazement if I'm going to leave the table, I double check with the dealer that I am all in and it stands, and ask if she can manage the pot while I'm gone. I'd won a few bounties at this stage so I just had to go over. Ben wins the all in and I return to see a much larger stack next to my seat. Turns out Pads had trapped with 55 and made a strong fold on the turn, and I dodged a four flush for the side pot also.

I then start raising pretty much every hand. With two tables left I was sat with Pads, Koyte and Mrs CGK where I had basically the best stealing seat in the world ever, and Pads definitely knew this! I raised four hands on the bouce and was obviously priced in to call shoves by marginally better hands. I showed down such monsters as K4o, and Q6ss but the image was obviously a bit shot. I did laugh next hand as I was UTG and before the deal announced I must have a monster if I raise this hand. Sure enough I have JQcc and do raise to groans from the entire table, them all thinking who is this total monkey?!?! I get a couple of flats and check fold a KKx flop. I continue my aggression especially in LP and accumulate more, eventually taking out Mrs CGK all in pre with 78ss vs KJo. Only a 60/40 but ran out in sick fashion as she pairs her J, but I backdoor the straight. There are then a few comedy gold moments with Koyte all in a lot and seemingly the whole place on his back, he takes it so well though and was another character who it was a pleasure to meet.

Three players left (Pads, Koyte, myself) and I enter God mode. I am the bigstack so I'm looking to bully. I shove KT in the SB into Koyte's AK in the BB. He flops broadway QJT, but it runs out Q, T and I backdoor the house. Heads up Pads is at a huge disadvantage, but shows his nouse keeping things small. He traps me with Kx on KxxT for me to shove the turn with T7, he snaps but I find a 6 outer on the river for the game. Nice to run well. The hand against Koyte was the worst I ever got it in in the whole tourney, and I still win that one a quarter of the time. I think a few people think I luckboxed the whole thing but it's just that I was so aggressive (which is key in such a structure) and made correct pot odds calls with marginal holdings and got there a few times. Hope there's no hard feelings! :-) Myself and Ben are 33% shares in each other for tournaments, and 50% cash tables, so I know I owe him some money at this stage but hope that is about to turn as he's going really well at the final table.

Ben does awesomely well and gets to HU vs TD at a huge chip disadvantage. If he could double though he certainly has the ability to take it from there. He would however have been the most unwanted winner of anything, ever. TeamDobbs has done so much for the Poker scene in Newcastle, let alone the running of the forum and connected events. Everyone wanted him to win. I even half wanted him to win. I wished him well at the start of HU, which I hope didn't come across as sarky, I truly meant it. Ask me at the start of day one who you'd like to see win and he'd have been my answer, and 99% of everyone else's. A true gent and a great poker player.

TD takes it down with his KJ spiking a J vs Ben's A3, and I think I feel worse than Ben about it. Weird how I think I am more emotionally involved in poker with a friend playing, than I would be had I actually been playing myself. There has never been a more deserving winner than TeamDobbs though, well done mate :-) Was nice to support Ben going deep into a tourney, even if his fan club was rather small. I've since received a few comments and PMs (you know who you are) about how good looking I am though, sorry K ;-)

Overall an absolutely fantastic weekend. Very well ran, but taking nothing away from Circus (who were awesome poker-wise, valet-wise and craic-wise) you could have had a 7 year old officiate the thing. The spirit everyone played the game in was truly exemplary. I'd be surprised if there's ever been a better atmosphere in any poker room anywhere. S2c obviously did another quietly brilliant job behind the scenes. CardGuard was simply amazing as our compere for the weekend. The guy has talent. Also I didn't meet him, but Looseman made a great contribution with the cup, bracelet and final table medals. A big three cheers from me for that one, very classy. Was great to meet people and put some faces to names. I've also since learnt that UKGatsby of blogging fame was there on the Sunday, and I didn't say hello. Next time :-)

October for me finished really well, I'm looking at just shy of £2.9k profit, and that's (correctly) not including (Ben) my winnings from NOVEMBER at the weekend. I've also won over £300 HU already this month, so I'm looking at nearly £1k already for November, more if I do a Ben and botch my figures so I can include my Blackjack winnings ;-)

Fantastic weekend guys, thanks to everyone involved :-)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Winding October down

I've been kept pretty busy outside of poker lately. Infact I've got quite a lot to get done before the end of this week.

Wallpaper stripping is an absolute bastard. Especially when it's the non vinyl stuff that only peels of an inch at a time. You know when you try and use old selotape, and you just manage to find the edge and get your finger underneath and start to peel, but oh no it won't be having any of that! It gives a giant "fuck you" splitting 1/16th" in running in a huge diagonal down one side leaving you with a tiny sliver of selotape that you just get caught inbetween your fingers. Well increase the scale a hundred fold and rinse/repeat a gajillion times and we're getting there. That, and then there's 20 year old stuff on underneath that. Borrowed an industrial steamer from a decorating mate and what a day I've just had. Using one of those things in a confined hallway/staircase on your own is a fucking nightmare. I've got multiple scaldings up both arms, down both legs and even on my arse. With every window open the place was still like a sauna. That was even with me working like Japanese prisoner of war scrubbing furiously to get all that shit off. Anyway that's almost done, I'll get that finished tomorrow.

I must do my tax returns that I just continually put off. I won't be leaving for weekend frivoloties in Newcastle if I've not done them. Consider this a final reminder. To do lists just don't cut it anymore!

Pool is going well, and taking up quite a bit of my time too. I'm top of the Thursday league by a mile, and was top on a Wednesday too, but I think that may have dropped to second after we only managed to scrape a win last week. I'm back lifting strong in the gym again, but not without side effects. I'm eating like a monster and not doing any cardio, so I've got a bit of winter/post Vegas belly going on.

Ah Vegas! I got the DVD of our canyon trip last week, which I must get copies done for the lads at the weekend. Also need to get some more of 'The 9 day Hangover' highlight footage sorted. Think I'm going to throw in an epic 8 hour session of editing tonight to get at least a substantial amount of storyboard down, even if it'll take a lot longer to perfect.

I'm thinking about wrapping poker up for October to allow me to get all this other stuff done. I'll still do the odd bit of bumhunting at the low HU stakes, but no more proper sessions I don't think. I recovered really nicely, looking at a ~£2.3k month if I was to stop now. Will look at maybe playing the NPF game at the weekend, will depend on if Ben can play and a few other logistical nightmares. I'm really quite busy day-to-day, yet I barely ever know what I'm doing two days in advance. I think I'm going to migrate my Gmail to Outlook and start using the Calendar/Appointments feature and becoming *gasp* organised and responsible. It'll sync with my phone too so it's a no brainer really. I'll do that now actually.

Good luck all, hope you all find some run good to end October like I have :-)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Mild brag

Continues to go well :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Good news post. Nearly wasn't.

I've played some long sessions the last few days. I think it's down to training really hard at the gym which in turn is leading to me sleeping like a baby. I'm getting ~9hrs of real quality shut eye at the moment. So my focus is really sharp over longer periods of time. Didn't do me any good last night though as I logged a -£500 session. I had just ground up to near even for the month too. EV says I missed £400 in that session and that did not feel good.

Tuesday is generally a heavy poker day for me, it's my day off from the gym and as Monday kind of seeps into being 'the weekend' nowadays, it's the start of my week :-/ I got straight back on the horse and won that £500 back in a couple of hours before lunch. Fastest comeback ever. Made some hands vs hands, never needing to suck out or hit a draw I hadn't already hit harder than my opponent :-)

Had some food, had a break, played some 'Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour' online. Love that game. Used to play it loads at Uni over the network with housemates. Great gameplay. Came back to the tables and played a couple more hours for a small £50 loss. Decided I wanted a bit more poker action though so popped to the Co-Op to refuel. After demolishing my pizza (with tons of extra cheese on) I sat down with my packet of Maoam Stripes to play some HU. About 3 hours later I'm £200 better off and riding the sugar rush headbanging to Queen on my earphones.

I was playing in $ though which sucks as my HEM gives all $ values, when infact the majority of my play is in €. Now I've mixed and matched a bit my HEM currency is effectively 95% of the €. Gay. Another thing I've noticed is that my HU stats are 78/72/30. I mean I've not just realised it, I knew I played a lot of hands. But fucking hell I think it's just sunk in! I give the most action by miles at the low HU stakes on Laddies. I mentally tag a 54/48 opponent as 'loose' when I'm playing them! I know I'm going to have to drop 20% to be profitable higher, but for the moment I'm having fun pwning with a massive VPIP.

I'm now roughly £500 up in pure poker play, but with RTR and rakeback it's effectively double that which is pleasing after the shit start to October. Hopefully I can continue to string some more wins together and fingers crossed I can hit the £2k mark by month end.

Also interesting in that triple my normal audience clicked the 'Brenos Poker' link lurking around other blogs last week when my latest update was entitled 'Almost dead'. Oooh you do like a bit of goss! Thanks for stopping by again on the ridiculously dull title of 'Progress'. Stay tuned next week for 'Meg Fox Porno' ;-)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Not going great

Pokerwise have struggled to log a winning session this month. I've just won a couple of hundred back at HU tonight, but I'm still in a £500 hole for October. Good points though:

1) Volume is good again, getting back into the groove
2) I'm running like shit

I know 2) is probably the most common blog post ever ever ever. So I'm not going to dwell too much. But a few £200+ pots I've got the money in really good only to be sucked out on, and have been hugely coolered a few times. Not quite to the tune of Jackal vs Holmes in home poker games, but still. Also give me AA vs KK just once please.

I really need to make bank this month. I've racked up some credit from Vegas and I really need to clear that off. I've also got another £300 car bill. I hate my fucking car. Already motored my way up the RTR leaderboard though (that's the only motoring I do) so if I can just manage turn my winrate upside down then I should be OK.

I've got tons to do besides poker also. I'm playing in two Pool Leagues for the Winter Season, I'm vice captain on a Wednesday and captain on a Thursday, so those evenings are write offs. I'm at the gym three times a week and should be running on my off days. I've not so far though because I've started squatting in the gym again and boy do my legs and arse hurt! Also not got Vegas photos on Facebook yet (the family friendly ones of course) and have barely progressed on the compilation movie I've promised to make. Ben needs to get his photos copied to me though (hint/deflection). Bear with me guys, I promise it'll be good. I just need some time to make some money first. Definitely no time for any 9-5 shit I mentioned earlier!

Good luck all and good luck me. Come on Brenos get it together lad!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Almost dead

This pretty much sums up what state I've been in since I last blogged. But I've had an absolutely awesome time doing it. As most will know, I've been to Vegas with Holmes and the footy lads for 10 amazing days of barely any sleep. Then when I got back I was at a Stag Weekend in Wales, white water rafting, adventure coursing and freefall jumping (!!)

Ben has totally set me up on his blog to do a write up so he doesn't have to, but that's never happening. Too much of it is 'in jokes' that no-one will get, and I won't be sharing the majority of photos either! A video compliation in the style of 'The Hangover' credits is in production, as that film was unsuprisingly a recurring theme. I will however post roughly what we did each day:

FRI: Got sozzled on the plane, upstairs was class. Shook Azz's hand many times. Picked up in Limo from Airport by the best Bond baddie of all time, Jaws. Mexican @ MGM. Created a 7 way kitty which Ad trebled up at roulette. Drank the kitty dry in Luxor bars. Ended up at a place which can only be described as...

SAT: Couple of the lads had champagne buffet breakfast at Bellagio, which is obv amazing. VIP pool party at Flamingo. Couple of the lads went to the Mayweather fight @ MGM, then Pure @ Ceaser's followed by...

I crashed early this night as I'd had about 6 hours sleep in 4 days.

SUN: Massive day. NFL Sunday in USA which is amazing. Drinking all day in Blondies@PH. Over the top high fiving at any decision given on one of the many games being shown live. 50c beers. Beer pong. Somehow we came back to the hotel and put suits on and went to Body English@Hard Rock. I pulled a munter.

MON: Par 3 Golf at Angel Park. Awesome putting course there too. Waitress @golf saw us at Blondies on national TV. Hope they got a few of the high fives and baby wanks in there! Absolutely epic night in JET@Mirage. Got in the VIP with NFL and NBA players, I forget their names/teams but they're each most likely pulling in over $5million a year.

TUES: Shopping outlet. 10 pin bowling@Gold Coast (shit hole). Advice: everyone is shit hot at bowling in America. We totally pissed around with behind the back bowls, retardo celebrations of strikes/spares and did a round where you had to 'Ronaldinho pass' style no-look-bowl. Most people gutterballed but amazingly Ad hit two strikes in a row not looking. We've got that on film and I'll post that on here when I'm done editing.

WED: Canyon via helicopter. Can't really do it justice. Photos don't either, you have to go. Fly by of strip on return journey. Amazing. All of us played a poker tourney at Sahara where the least experienced of our group final tabled for a moderate return.

THU: A few lads played a full round of golf. I played some live cash poker. We had a nice Asian meal @Wazuzu@The Wynn. Partied it up at Cat House@Luxor followed by

FRI: We toured basically what we hadn't seen already. Lions@MGM, Reef@Mandalay Bay. Amazing buffet @The Wynn. Stratosphere rides (yes I did all three). Ghost Bar@Palms which had the most amazing view ever. Also the largest spirit measures ever. Silly dancing. Oyston out!

SAT: Redic hungover Wet Republic pool party @MGM. Fittest birds ever. Volleyball. High fives. Unconscious bucket head dive man. £100 steak@Palazzo (mmm). Pure@Ceasers followed by another rsitp ucbl.

So I barely played any poker at all. Managed to win ~$400 though and I think I managed to break even at Blackjack after being in a large hole but went on an epic heater@Sahara.

Amazing place, amazing birds, amazing company, amazing laughs, amazing time full stop.

So after almost pulling round after Vegas, I then have a stag weekend in Wales to go to. Really glad I didn't bottle it though because I had an amzing time, and great to see old friends. It wasn't just a total piss up which to be honest was a fucking lifesaver for me as I'd been drunk for the last two weeks. Saturday we went white water rafting which as a first timer was great, and even better on the last few runs with two boats on a stag party and instructors who were up for a laugh, splashing and boarding each other with many a takedown and dunk in the freezing welsh river! Sat night obv did turn into a huge piss up, with us playing every drinking game forfeit under the sun.

Sunday was an early breakfast and shake off of the hangover to 'Go Ape' which is a huge obstacle course 50ft up in the trees. Some of it surprisingly hard too, but that could have been the delicate state and also the fact I had two old Uni housemates either side of me, so I'd have my obstacle rocked voilently from each side. We did have safety harnesses but a fall still would have banged you up a bit. At the end of the course was a powerfan platform which with a 50ft drop from a 3ft platform, was quite daunting to say the least. With my new found confidence with heights thanks to Strato training, I did manage to make the jump. Those last few seconds on the platform are the scariest by far, and the split second (which feels like ages) that you actually are in freefall is incredible.

That was nothing though, as seperate from the obstacle course, this place has the largest powerfan jump in Europe at 130ft. And it's not on a crane or anything, it's on a fucking massive tree, with staples hammered into the side for you to climb up. Check the second video out here, it's the first activity. Pause it for a second and look at that climb, Christ I was knackered! Also check out that platform, how small? It's really windy up there too. Once you're up there's only one way down and it's quite a task to tell yourself to step off a tiny platform 130ft in the air. You're harnessed at the back so you don't feel any tension either which is horrible! Again the last few seconds on the platform are the worst, and this time the freefall was incredible. You get that rising feeling in your body like when you go down a big dip in your car, only about a million times stronger. Also because it's such a big drop you get that huge rise, but you're still falling so your whole body goes mental and it feels amazing! I must admit it looks quite tame in the video, but also bear in mind thats a bird on there, not a 15stone 6ft bloke. I really want to do it again though, great experience!

So I've spent an absolute shit load of cash lately, obliterated my liver and put back on a load of weight. Time to eat healthy, train hard and hit the poker tables, I think...

I've played a bit of HU for a few hundred quid profit this month, but played my first 6max session in ages tonight. I've kind of forgotten what it's like! I did OK, logging a small loss but getting it in good in two big spots that I lost. Don't know how I feel about playing to be honest. I quite fancy working properly in a proper 9-5 job just for the change. But I know I'll hate it after a month. Guess I'll see after a few more sessions, I still feel like I'm short on sleep too which won't help :-S

Good luck all :-)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

'H' from Steps has died


Pokerwise I've made a bit of a mini recovery playing solely HU on Ladbrokes. I can't be bothered grinding the normal stakes before Vegas because another big swing could put a real dampener on things. Steady away though I've been making a pretty consistent £50 a day on the HU tables and it's all been easy so far. I ran pretty badly today but am enjoying the change of pace. Decided on taking the laptop away with me which will help for emails to clubs for guest list malarkey, and to have a quick 30 min blast on the HU tables every day when we're all getting ready to go out :-)

I have been doing some grinding elsewhere though. I've made a small deposit on Pokerstars to see how I like the software and see if I can grind a bit of a roll there. I quite like these gay little projects. It's not great cost effective use of my time, but is +HapinessEV for sure :-) This will lead to a final decision on whether I want to move the majority of my roll there next year and attack Supernova benefits. Good news in that I can comfortably 20 table 6max cash. The software is top class, and along with TableNinja you have an amazing array of time savers and automation just a key press away. TableNinja is the single best piece of poker software ever. Full stop. I had though that 20 tables of 6max would be a time-out fest, but I didn't even hit the time bank once in a one hour session (1400 hands!). I think I have to send an email to support to have it raised to the maximum 24 tables and will take that approach as I continue to build. I am obviously incredibly exploitable playing this style, but it'll certainly do the trick up to NL25.

I've been for consecutive 3 mile runs these last two days also. My knee feels pretty good. Perhaps a little bit fatigued today but nothing compared to how my shoulders, back, arse, thighs and calfs feel! Got another few miles to get through tomorrow too before I drink some of my hard work away at the weekend. Potential home games evening on the cards with pool/darts/table tennis/poker and a few beers on the menu! Hope you all have an enjoyable end to the week :-)

Friday, 4 September 2009

Can't get going

September so far has been rubbish. I'll log on, bluff off a buyin in the first few hands, saying to myself "he has to have a set here to call" and boom yes, shows me the set. I've also turned a couple of hands into bluffs on the river with disasterous consequences. Think I'm 0/5 in >100bb river bluffs. Villain either has the hand I'm trying to rep, or I I'm not picking the right opponent for this move :-S

I'll then get coolered a couple of times and lose an 80/20 to go £250-300 down. This has happened each of the three times I've sat down to play a proper session. I'll then grind back up and finish about £100 down and feel like I've achieved something, but not really. So I'm a few hundred down at the minute, EV says I should be £50 up but can't whine too much about that over ~5k hands. Let's try again...

EDIT: Fuck you weekend retards. 80% of £ goes in good, but you somehow get there in the most hideous of ways. Am now -£800, EV says -£300 but that can't account for Captain Retardo calling down and backdooring the world. Also, fuck you combinatorics.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August Review

In a nutshell, went really well. Much better than I could have hoped for the stakes I've been playing, with the target of locking in a win before Vegas achieved nicely. Also having read Soap's and Holmes' blogs (on right) I should really do a proper monthly breakdown and keep better records. I rely on HEM too much. Anyway here's an attempt but it will be slightly out as I've played two sessions on mates' computers where my play hasn't been tracked.

NL50: £2,100 (51k hands - 90/10 6max/HU)
NL100: -£920 (3k hands 6max)
Tournaments: Only played free/bonus entries and won nothing
Rakeback (20%): £550
RTR: £620
PPs (10%) and other bonus: £310

Total: £2,660

Chuffed to bits with that result as I've effectively been a NL50 pro in August. Also if I'd had the 10 buyin downswing at NL50 instead I'd be looking at a £3k month. Crazy.

Saturday I played the £75 Will Hill added tourney at Aspers with Holmes, Soap and Jackal. Also had a catch up and chat with Teamdobbs and recognised many more faces in a 100+ runner field. Not going to discuss stuff in depth here but I chipped up nicely and was always above average. I then ran a bluff against the tightest player in the entire tournament (any guesses in comments?) which actually sounds a lot worse than it was. He has such a narrow range (ergo easily identifiable) and on this board by the river he folds most of it. Just a shame for me he turned 'a two outer' for the nut boat. Anyway by that time I'd had a few beers watching the mighty Man Utd overturn the scum of the Premiership (I fucking hate Arsenal) and was quite ready to go out and join a few friends for more drinks. Before that though I made a couple of quick stops at the Blackjack tables
inbetween checking on mates still in the tourney, to eventually win my buyin back.

Yet again it's taken me till today (Tuesday) to recover from a weekend where I only got drunk once. My sleeping pattern was thrown well out of whack though, but still, getting old! Vegas is only 18 days away now so I'm going to eat super clean in a final push to shift another half stone or so. I'm also going to try and log 20k hands in 12 days, as I've realistically only got till the 13th to play properly as I've got other commitments including going to Blackpool for the Newcastle game on the 16th. I'll make a conscious effort to update the blog regularly in that time, as it'll help keep me motivated. Good luck for September everyone :-)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Older and wiser

As I was doing pretty well this month, I decided to move back up to NL100. It didn't go well. I'm not sure I've mentioned this on my blog, but it's very rare I have a good weekend at poker, at least online. I tend to do well on weekdays and donk a little back at the weekend to the recreational players. I think I've got this leak plugged now and it's pretty easy to do. I just imagine their screen to have no fold button, and control the hand that way. Stop being an overly aggro spew monkey. Profit.

Anyway I decided to wait till Friday night to have a pop at NL100 again. I bluffed two rivers giving my opponents far too much credit for being able to fold a hand. Seeing triple figure stack sizes again fooled me a little. Also they have stats on me being retarded, so guess I should have known better. So I'm now a little under £200 down. But then I suddenly start to smack flops right in the face. In the next 30 minutes I flop two sets, a straight, a flush and top two pair. I lose all pots to go about £800 down. Two oversets, a bigger flush and the others got legitimately outdrawn in standard spots. I had initially said I'd stop if I somehow managed to lose £500 (a kind of bleh contingency as I never expected to be down at all the way I've been playing) but I just shrugged and carried on as I basically fist-pumped every spot where I got the money in, I just got coolered to hell. I upped and downed a little and eventually ran KK into AA and lost QQ vs AK, so I canned it after 3k hands and a £1k loss. Kind of shellshocked to dump 10 buyins in one session, and it being a doubly expensive one. Really glad I didn't blog after it cos it would have been a total Soap Emo fest. So that was last Friday.

I went out for an Italian with friends on the evening and got quite drunk finishing up on Dominican Republic rum cocktails. A few of which were made with '151' which was developed by NASA in 1965. Saturday I did nothing but gradually get a worse and worse hangover (funny stuff that rum) and get really good at Archery on Wii Sports Resort. I also messed up the diet a bit more by having a takeaway that was apparantly a Thai Red Curry. Was it fuck.

After a little play on Monday for a small profit (back at NL50) I then turned 26 on Tuesday. A quite astonishingly young age if you read a few blogs ;-) I got a pretty hideous shirt from mother. That's going back. And then general smellies/money/boy presents.

I've since had another few meals out with friends and family and completely buggered up my good progress on the weight loss, not finding time for the bike either. I felt guilty today and really wanted to do 30km. I had to jack that in at 22km though as my arse was fucking killing. I've always loved running and thus have basically never cycled in my life (apart from ploughing my face into a brick wall when I was a teenager - that's another story) so my arse isn't used to such a pounding. There's a joke in there somewhere. I have a weight loss bet on with Briggsy as to who can lose the most before we fly out to Vegas. To be honest he's really let himself go these last couple of years, and although he knows it I hope reading this will give him a further kick up the arse! I really should lose the bet and I don't especially mind either if it gets Briggs back on the right track. I might get a stone shifted in the next four weeks, we'll see mate! Lion fish!

Anyway good news in that I'm only £120 away from making back the £1k I lost last Friday. In the last three days I've done pretty well at NL50, taking the monthly total to 46 buyins in 36k hands, at 13bb/100. That's pretty damn EPIC! Just a shame NL100 had to go so badly, I do fancy another shot before month end!

Also, wanted to write a few quick thoughts down about the top sportsmen in the world. I think that this current crop of top athletes is just something else. I envy my dad's generation as he has more of a basis of comparison, but really, just how good are Bolt, Federer, Woods, Messi, Mayweather et al?!? It stands to reason that we are going to continue to improve, but to see Bolt just completely demolish the field and blitz his previous 'amazing' world records was something else. In the 200m tonight he moved up three places in the first twenty metres, taking into account the stagger for the corner! I can't stop watching that in BBC iPlayer! Yes bad timing to mention Woods, but still. I'm not a huge tennis fan, but whenever I see Federer I just think, "Wow, how could there have ever been anyone better?" I also think that Messi is going to go down as the greatest ever footballer, eclipsing Pele and Maradona. Anyway don't really know where I'm going with this, guess I just wanted to show some appreciation. Good luck all :-)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More good grinding

I've continued plugging away at just NL50 this month, and well, results are good.

I don't want to blow my own trumpet a bit here, but that is the single best >20k sample at NL50 6max I've ever seen, and I've read a lot of 2+2 threads! Obviously better winrates are attainable at HU but I'm pretty pleased with the fruits of this month's labour. Thirty three buyins in 12 days, at a rate now over £40 p/h.

That $1250 from RTR will definitely be going straight into the bank now to cover my 50p Fixed Limit Omaha losses to Azz on the flight to Vegas. I'm also reasonably comfortably rolled for NL100 which is quite an achievement considering how nitty I have been with BRM. Vegas obviously the main contributor there, my car being not far behind, and a not-so-close third is buying healthy food! Super healthy diet combined with lots of gym and bike is starting to show some rewards, I'm definitely trimming down and should hopefully be looking and feeling great for Vegas :-) Expensive business eating healthy though! But yeah, the BRM... I think I'm still going to nit it up and play NL50 for this week, and if I can rattle off a few more buyins then I'll hit NL100 at the weekend.

I've kind of lost track with this blog entry, wanted to talk poker a bit more but my mind has gone to mush. One thing I have been doing is calling a lot more instead of 3betting. A big part of my profit has come from regulars thinking I couldn't possibly have that hand, as I would have 3bet preflop. TYVM another buyin :-) I'm also making what I used to consider reasonably 'big folds' as if they were nothing. I've have to re-adjust hand reading somewhat as there are only very few people making moves at NL50, but the radar seems to be spot on at the moment. Roll on more good, controlled grinding. Good luck all :-)

EDIT: Soap for Prime Minister!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Good grinding

I've put in some decent hours on the tables since the last post. Albeit at NL50. Good news though, I'm crushing. You'll remember a few posts ago I talked about sustaining a 10bb/100 winrate at NL50 over a reasonable sample (10k+). Well, I've done it...

That's nearly 17 buyins in a week, and when rakeback + bonus is considered, is a nice hourly rate of around £35 ph. I'm still waiting on an RTR payment from last month where I won $1250 in their rake race. I was going to put this straight into play but I might just bank it and play another week of what has been pretty much stress free poker at NL50. I was actually below EV for the month too, but I caught that up today. I'm not too arsed about moving up, all I'm really wanting to do this month is have an easy life and be able to bank a nice wedge for Vegas in September.

Only thing that is wanting me to move back up is to be able to rake a Killarney package with Ladbrokes. After The Derby and Helicopter VIP days with them, I really want to go to this. This would be a lot easier at NL100, as at my volume of play I'd be a cert for a €1.2k package. I will have other opportunities to win one but they are mostly ~100 runner, one package MTTs. I can never be arsed in such a structure.

The helicopter day was awesome by the way. Honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Being in command of such sensitive controls in what is effectively a flying bubble is really exhilarating. I'll post some pics in another entry when Ladbrokes get round to putting official pics and video (a la Derby) that I can also include.

I did make a somewhat brief and somewhat disastrous return to NL100 temporarily the other evening. Holmes informed me of a super donk sat at one of his tables, so I also sat. Soon to be joined by Soap. Let the minraising commence. After getting 3bet by one regular in the same spot for the fourth orbit in a row, I decided to trap with 2nd pair, but was very wrong as top set is good sir. Nice timing. Soap also spazzed out after an early minraise from Holmes and also got it in pretty bad with a naked flush draw, but as any really good tournament player does, binks off the diamond anyway. I also lost a race for a stack before finally getting the donks remaining €50, so not a profitable visit at all!

Lifestyle wise I am back in training and on a super healthy diet. I've managed to borrow an exercise bike and have been giving that some hammer. It's great because as I've done naff all for so long, you really see improvements fast. First session I barely managed 20 mins and only did 6km. On Tuesday I did 20km in under 40 minutes. I actually think I over exerted slightly as I've been feeling the knee since, so didn't do any leg work at the gym yesterday, or cycle today. Doesn't feel like anything major. I'll be breaking the trend of Weetabix and berries for breakfast, and cous cous for lunch this weekend when I'll be venturing up to Newcastle for a BBQ with the lads. Good luck all :-)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Focus, and another VIP day

This month I have played absolutely all over the place. I sucked at 6max, crushed at HU, sucked at 6max some more, got completely owned again at PLO, spewed off at HU, won a bit shortstacking, lost a lot shorstacking running 30 buyins below expectation, and finally... started crushing at 6max again.

Soap kind of hit the nail on the head when I met him at Teeside, saying that I'm concentrating too much on rake and the bonuses that entails. I would lose £100 a day but rake £300 and I'd think, "ah well that's ok". Suppose it is as a one off but it became a bit of a trend. So this last week I've slowed things down a lot and concentrated on just four tables of 6max. I've since installed a program called PlaceMint, which arranges windows into 'slots' by program title. This is awesome and has also helped me focus on four larger tables, with two smaller slots on the side of my screen for table selection. I'll be keeping it like this for the foreseeable future.

I wish I'd done this a lot sooner. One good month last month giving me a good bankroll to play with, I try way too many new ideas and just bleed money. Lesson learnt. Sod's law that they now introduce a new rake race for Killarney, but I should manage a €1.1k package within the next couple of months regardless.

Anyway, tomorrow I am off down to London for a Helicopter lesson! It's another Ladbrokes VIP day which, if anything like the last one at The Derby, should be absolutely superb. I get a personal lesson, a free lunch, then a helicopter tour of London.

This should be pretty decent Stratosphere training. If you haven't deduced already, I have to go on all Stratosphere rides when I'm in Vegas in September, and I'm shit scared of heights. Infact, it's not that I'm 'scared'. It's damn sensible to be wary of edges leading into massive falls and inevitable pizza-like death. Somewhere down the line my ancestors realised this and I am now programmed to wince like a girl when walking over footbridges or looking out of high rise windows. Hopefully being in control of the craft will go someway to help me overcome this. I shall post some pics upon return.

Finally I would like to wish my good friend Ben a Happy 40th Birthday for Friday 31st. Please pop in to his blog and wish him well. He's away in Paris with the missus for some 'sightseeing'. Life starts at 40...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gay poker

I didn't play any NL50 since my last post. At least not in the traditional sense. I did a bit of strategy reading about shortstacking and decided to give it a go. A few sessions later and I'm a 5bb/100 winner at NL100 shortstacking 20bbs over about 3k hands. I can easily play 10 tables with this style and with the double up and leave strategy I constantly need to be cycling and sitting on new tables. This is great for the rakeback, as any Prima regular will testify in regard to Fish_Crusher owning the rake race leaderboards. Pretty sure he's a losing player though.

Anyway I had a nice handful of sessions to start and decided to move up shortstacking 1/2 at $40 a time. Queue 25 'buyin' downswing finishing $780 behind EV. Great timing. The climb in stakes was a bad move though, I didn't fully understand the variance in this style of play and paid the price. Add to that at any one time the chance of Brenos running like total shit is about 95% and it's not good. I've since steadily built back up to some semblance of a bankroll shortstacking NL50.

A few months ago give me a chance to talk to a "professional shortstacker" and I wouldn't have had much nice to say. But actually playing and understanding how you can put people in hugely -EV spots unexploitably is really quite *gasp* "fun" to play. Twenty buyin stretches behind all-in EV excluded. Still got a few spots to fine tune but I shall plug away furthermore in an attempt to rescue my third awful month in four. I couldn't resist buying in full on one table tonight though and taking a couple of regular buyins from one monster fish.

Also over the past couple of weeks I've been playing in Photoshop creating a modded card deck for Prima/Ladbrokes. This has taken probably far too much of my time but I'm really pleased in the final results and this deck of cards provides awesome visibility for multitablers and especially anyone playing Omaha. In what can only be a plus EV and high Karma move, I've shared my creation on the 2+2 forums, check out the last page of this thread for link and instructions. Good luck all :-)

Monday, 20 July 2009

The week

Can't believe not updated for just over a week. I've played a fair bit of poker this month, and experienced a huge swing since the last post. I recovered nearly £1k to go up £400 for the month, and have consistently lost since to go -£1.4k down. After I got into the black I started to 9 table and it's harder than I remembered. I dropped a few hundred there but by far my worst results again are at PLO. The game continues to take huge shits on me. Thoughts on this hand? Fold the turn? Gay hand nonetheless.

I came up to Newcastle on Thursday for a long weekend starting at Aspers for £30 freezout where I ended up missing out on final table by a few players, shoving over a 'steal' with 33 but finding KK. Onto the cash tables and made a few hundred, making a few nice hands versus one player who just loved putting money in the pot. Easy game. Super LAGtard Holmes plays crazy (link amended on right) and eventually gets AQ in preflop versus QQ but finds the 3 outer.

Friday I would have played the £20 at the Grovesnor which has seen awesome numbers lately. But I'm still banned. Not going into details here but it's really quite farcical. So me and Holmes just dossed around all day playing on the Wii in between poker sessions. I dumped off another few hundred at PLO Friday and early Saturday before the rest of the lads came round for £5 rebuys, four player Mario Kart on the Wii, muchos pizza and muchos beer. I'm shit at Mario Kart but pretty handy at bowling.

The poker I end up rebuying a few times, raising and betting quite a lot, which I really can't get away with anymore. Everyone knows I'm a spewtard at these home games. Fortunately mid game with reasonable blinds I go on an epic card rack heater and with my distinct lack of any kind of table image, I amass most of the chips in play. It still takes a huge suckout HU when I shove with Q3 to find TT but get there anyway. Ship the £60. Six pizzas, 10 cans and four 12th places later we play a £10 freezout and I am deservedly the first player out, calling far too much preflop. Around 4am Sleepawoody makes an appearance and it's time to call it a night.

After approx 4 hours sleep a night Thursday-Sunday I have slept ALL DAY today. And I do mean ALL DAY. I had planned to put in about 6 hours of poker today but it's hard to play when you're asleep. I went to bed at midnight Sunday, slept till 8am, had a piss then a glass of water, slept 9am-1pm. Woke up, had lunch, sent some emails, watched some CR stuff, fell asleep 3pm-7.30pm when I was rudely awoken by a text from Holmes accusing me of slacking off as he hadn't seen me at the tables. Yeah but seriously thanks for that or I'd probably still be in the land of nod now.

After my latest downswing I shall be moving down again but this time with a bit of a challenge. Holmes is running amazing well so far this month, with a winrate of around 20bb/100. This is obviously not sustainable and we both have a laugh about it, but at NL50 and concentrating on just 6 tables I think I can actually sustain 10bb/100 which would mean I'd be back to even for the month in just 14k hands. Mid month I was just looking to autopilot and my only aim was to rake about £300 per day, which is BAD BAD BAD target setting. Time to get back on track and win my moneys back. If I do manage to breakeven this month I'll still be banking about £2k as I have already raked an enormous amount. Will wait to see how the fine points of the new PP system works as I think I might save my PPs up as I should hopefully have 100k by the time Vegas comes round, which would be a nice $1k 'bonus' to cash in just before I go. Anyway 14bb/100 tonight over 600 hands, going to play another session on the late shift tonight, sustain Brenos, come on!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bad knee, worse poker

I had the knee operation on Friday. Went well with no hiccups. That general anaesthetic is powerful stuff! 'Count backwards from ten please...', 'Ten, ni...' ZONKED! Turns out my orthopeadic surgeon is one of the top boys in the country too. I was talking to the other patients in the waiting room who also had surgery on the day. One fella had already had his right knee done by my Doc, but had his left done by another. He said the difference after surgery was amazing. A nice clean bandage and a reasonable amount of mobility for the first, but a bloody and pussy bandage and being laid up in bed for a fortnight after the second. I was in good spirits anyway but I immediately felt better that I was in good hands. Which is more than I can say for one young teenager who was literally puking with worry and was shortly after given his own room. Another old bloke was a goldmine of knee information as he had not one, but two replacement knees. Can't say he has knee crack! (groan)

I can hobble about, but am far from independant. I can't carry anything as I need both hands at all times for stablity, the stairs especially. I had hoped I'd make the gym by mid-week and be able to drive. Absolutely no chance of that. It's really quite painful today. The most annoying thing by far though, is not being able to bend your knee. Try only moving one knee within five degrees for an hour or so and that's bad enough. I've got another week of this shit. I was given paracetamol, some codeine and some diclofenac sodium enteric. I know codeine fucks you up after I was on it for disclocating my shoulder, dunno if this diclofenac is stronger or what but I plan not to take anything as long as I can bear it. Could be playing Devils Advocate there though, as poker has been shit today.

I've cooled down a bit afer writing this so far, and I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself as it's pretty awkward doing anything, but sajkhfjkldsanbgld tilted for the first time in aaages today. I decided to play 9 tables at thankfully lower stakes. I was up a bit but over 5 buyins below EV as every all in was beaten. All my winnings were non showdown. Fair enough I thought, I'm still up, just chill out. Then I instantly lost a couple more buyins as I say that to myself. Shifted the leg a bit and that hurt, so took a huge radgie out on the poker tables and just got megga aggro spew monkey. Again to be fair a few of the spots were standard that I just happened to lose, but I did silly shit like turning 44 no club into a bluff on QT77J four clubs. We were mega deep like but I really don't need to being doing this crap, gg 220 BBs. He actually re shoved the river after leading two streets after I 3bet pre, so only quads or QQ makes sense.

I'm now about £400 down for the month, not horrible but I should be doing way better. I've been a complete spew tard at 6max this month. So much so that Thursday night I decided to play some gay poker and 9 tabled the 10 seater full ring games in an attempt to tighten up. Even there I was far too loose but I crush that field so badly it makes sense to play more hands. I won five buyins in an hour. So that shows how bad things are. I think I'm about 15 buyins down at 6max and a decent bit up at HU. I played some tougher opponents HU this week. One very aggro player who I managed to get the better of, and another player who I thought was mega aggro - but wasn't - got the better of me for a couple of buyins. He had made a couple of moves early in specific spots which I won't go into detail on, but he is pretty polarized to hold monsters or bluffs. My style of play is basically bet lots, and it's a strength of mine that I merge my value betting and bluffs so well. If you can value bet 2rd pair on the river you can bluff more effectively. A consequence of this is that I have to be a bit more liberal in dealing with check raises. I think I do this very well actually, but in this instance the guy was a total card rack. Everytime - this is the nuts or a bluff - so I click call and run into top 2% of hands each time.

HU really is so much fun though. It really changes the way you think about hands, and so much is down to gameflow and feel. Hope to be a bit more pain free than I have been and can play lots this week. I only have so many DVDs I can watch!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ugly, pretty, pretty

UGLY: 6max

PRETTY: Heads Up

PRETTY: Adriana Lima

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

6max is dead?

Well my stats tell me I should quit!

To be fair I have been getting coolered to hell at 6max so far this month, whilst simultaneously running awesome at HU. I've been lucky to sit with an easily tiltable person, win a few early spots and have them spew off some more money to me afterwards.

But not great in being £200 down. Also my volume sucks, only done ~7k hands and thats just in 2 days. However I am pleasantly surprised in that I should be able to pwn (Soap) the RTR rake race for $3k. Current top player plays my limits and I raked half his total for the month in one day. This could be skewed slightly as he may have taken a 5 day break like I did but I guess mid month I'll know better. Barring disaster I should be raking over $6k, so if that can return $3k alone from RTR, plus ~$2k from Laddies new player club thingy it's well worth a good graft this month, even if the weather has to pick up again after this week.

In other random, short sentence news: I killed a rat with a shovel yesterday. I'm benching 105kg in the gym. It's my knee operation on Friday. I know loads people who have had a baby in the last month. Congrats to Jackal who I think is my only reader. Congrats to Soap on luckboxing another huge MTT win. Good luck to Ben in his first month on the pro circuit ;-)