Monday, 1 December 2008

Bad November

So I somehow managed to scrape together just over £1k in November. $700 of that was from a stake in Soap who had an awesome month, congrats mate. I also won $2k in the LEOCOP Main Event so when you put those two together it's obvious I've done shit at cash.

I've played a bit with smaller rolls on different sites too this month. I'm looking to spread a bit of money around online so I can better decide on where to play on my travels. Betfair has went the best running £100 upto £300 in about 10k hands. I'm well below equity there aswell, this site has the worst players I've ever seen. On Full Tilt I dabbled in some heads up and got 66 in on K628 for 320BBs vs K8 for a river K to pop up. That ruined my bankroll and with some further tourney buyins I think that is nearly bust now. I've had a few more deep tourney runs since LEOCOP, but nothing noteworthy cash wise.

I intend to four table the usual stakes at Ladbrokes for at least 10k hands. I need to get the confidence back and by really concentrating this is the best way. I don't think 10 tabling is my forte and it just isn't possible on some sites. Full Tilt and Pokerstars software are just streets ahead of anyone else, and with the most traffic comes lots of nifty tools for auto-betting/mass-tabling that just don't exist for the smaller sites. I really struggle to keep tabs on 4 tables on Betfair with their lack of timebank for NL50 and down.

Also this Bangkok faff on is semi-tilting. I'm booked for arrival 30th Dec and have paid for flights and hotel already hopefully it'll get sorted this week and we'll still be able to fly there and not need to re-book, re-schedule and re-research living etc :-(