Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A plan for the rest of the month

My cash play this month has been terrible. I've barely barely played and when I have it's been with a whimsical attitude that I'm just donking around and it doesn't matter that I lose a few buyins, I'll win it back in the long run. Not with that type of attitude you fucking dick head!! A sharp $200 loss here and there soon adds up and I am essentially break even this month, even after the nice tournament score.

I'm going out tonight and tomorrow am flying to Bristol to meet up with some Uni mates whom I've not seen for a while and as I'm going away in the new year we decided to get together for a weekend of partying. Looking forward to Bristol as I've not been out there and apparently it's boob capital of the UK ;-)

I will undoubtedly spend a lot of cash so I'm going to take that - along with the ~5 day break from playing - as motivation to play a shit load for the rest of November. Throw in the fact that it's Christmas coming up and I'm then going away for a few months I really need a kick up the arse. Sod the fact that it's cold and dark now, get a grip you pussy you're not bi-polar nor have you got that arsey weather disease. You're just a lazy bastard!

When I get back on the 17th Nov, I shall play 25k hands of NL100 and be a 5bb/100 winner for the remainder of November.

Abusive/motivational posts welcome in comments!


Anonymous said...

You're beginning to sound more and more like Amatay every time I read this blog!

Throw in a few 'slut-pig' and 'man-whore' phrases and you'll be there :-)

Anonymous said...

hows the knee?

Ben said...

Put the hours in you lazy bastard!!

Do you know how many people (i.e. me) would kill to be able to have the amount of time you do to dedicate to poker?

You're not going to have this opportunity forever as eventually you'll need a steady income so make the most of it while you can. Responsibilities will catch up with you eventually otherwise...

Having said that, can't wait for Thailand boom-swith!!