Tuesday, 18 November 2008

On track...

4.4k hands @ 5.9 bb/100 so far.

4.2k of those were today and were a total slog. I setup a new HUD last night and won over a buyin in about 30 mins on one table, just playing with my layout. I've been playing waaay tighter ten tabling, averaging at 20/16 where my norm has been 28/22 ish. I'm in two minds about this. It could be very nice to mass-table until I go away, nitting it up and making a steady dollar, then opening up again and take shots with fewer tables further down the line. Trouble is you can get a bit rusty :-/

I'm definitely in a good mindset though. I'm dieting pretty heavily to get some pounds off for the beaches in December, and shall be running and gyming it relentlessly along the way. The running is really tough. Back when I was fit there's a class course I'd set out where I could do 5,6 or 8 miles x-country on a mix of paths and dirt tracks, but it's just too dangerous to do in this weather. Could easily knack the knee or break an ankle. So I've been mindlessly running around a few fields in my footy boots :-( A bit of Rocky music certainly helps though!

Anyway, lots more running, gym, poker and feeling hungry scheduled. I'm off for a yoghurt, good luck all :-)

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