Monday, 3 November 2008


Can't believe it's November.

Anyway, October ended well winning another $2k in the last week which made for a nice withdrawal and another nice surprise on the exchange rate.

Also congrats to Soap who is on fire it seems, shipping the $55k on Betfair last month and the $100k on Stars within the first 30 hours of November! Well done mate!

I've decided to play steady away a couple of hours everyday if I can in November, and actually log some volume. This started well a nice $370 on Saturday. I was out all day playing snooker and then a league pool game on Sunday night, had a few beers so didnt play. Then have played today and had a horrible session, losing $650 but EV telling me I should only be -$150. Again this discounts situations where you are all in on the river. So when I bet three streets with AQ on AQ872 versus I fish I expect to be good an awful lot, but no good old 8T backdoors a flush on me with his 70BB stack to which I am never folding. Sigh. I really don't mind this stuff actually, its obviously great in the long run, just slightly depressing when you add it to losing several two-outers in a short space of time.

Anyway, no need to get down, I won a very nice seat to the LEOCOP IV Main Event tonight worth $1.1k which I think means Ladbrokes European Online Championship Of Poker and has $250k added to the pool. The top prize was Hatton tickets and a holiday in Vegas, 2-3rd was a London shopping trip, 4-13th was a seat in a satellite to the Poker Million VII, and 13-20th was the LEOCOP ME seat.

It was a VIP Freeroll which I qualified for by raking a stupendous amount over the summer. A nice gesture I suppose but I have nothing good to say about Laddies VIP Club. Their promotions are absolute tosh and target only a handful of players. This was proven furthermore this evening with an absolute crapshoot of a structure. 30 players left and average stack 8BBs. Well thanks Laddies for making all but the first two levels a 10BB flip-fest. Skill will prevail!

I actually managed to avoid showdown for most of the tournament, then I lost A9 vs KJ for 6BBs, won AA vs AK for my then remaining 11BBs. Then made a good call with A4 vs QJ for 8BBs but lose obviously. Then double my remainder up with KK as K7 pushes from the SB into my BB. Then I fold a lot into the prizes. Then I lose QQ vs 99 for nearly all my stack. I have 1.5BBs left and there are 18 players remaining. I decide I either want a holiday or the ME seat, not another frigging satellite seat. So I go into suicide all in mode aiming for busto or robusto. I actually win a couple of pots before crashing in 15th for the ME seat.

Looking forward to it on Sun 9th Nov. Satellites are running now, get yourselves in there, more dead money for me to take down ;-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

well done on LEOCOP mate.

Great to get in these type of events - best of luck

Ben said...

Update from Stanley / Circus last night??