Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm an idiot

Tilted yesterday for first time in aaaages. Really thought I'd got past this but I guess it's my own fault for playing tired. I was getting completely setup all over the place, then got outdrawn in a couple of spots and BOOM red mist descends and I hurricane off a handful more buyins.

Knocking the volume challenge on the head as don't want to grind 10 tables when playing badly. I think I need to drop this number too, but I'm playing devil's advocate because if I'm bored my play can also drift. Guess it's more things to work on.

Anyway I'm going to make a video of me four tabling and explaining every spot and thought process. I've done this previously and it helps review your own play tremendously when you watch it back.

Take a break, chillout, when you know you're feeling frustrated and making emotional decisions, LOG OFF!

EDIT: Made a video but lacked confidence talking in ANY spots whatsoever and consequently played badly and lost another $200. Fuck this I'm writing off the weekend and am out to get drunk!

1 comment:

TEAMDOBB said...

me n card guard will come and video you at level ya most comfy playing m8 if ya like for forum.
pm me