Monday, 10 November 2008

Cashed in LEOCOP Main Event

First tier for $2k, 65/668.

Very disappointed as was in a great position with ~120 runners left. I re-raise QQ and get it in pre flop versus AK. I flop a set on KQ8, for the board to run KQ88K. I had an above average stack and that pot would have put me top 5 in chips. Instead I'm short and basically end up folding to the money.

I had chipped up well all through the game in similar fashion to below post which I realise now is far far too long and yes I do talk a good game! ;-) I made an astute fold w/AA on a low board when my opponent showed a straight. Then doubled my growing stack calling A6dd on the button in a multiway pot, and shoving over the pre flop raisers continuation bet on 345dd and get there versus QQ. I'm decent favourite here versus most of his range for cbetting strongly into 5 players I think, and its still a flip versus AA.

I am super confident playing deep early in a tournament, and it's always nice to have a big stack in the mid/late stages. I struggled after losing the QQ vs AK hand with never more than 25BBs where I basically turned into a super nit. Don't know if I should be opening up a little more in these situations, and also the fact that in this case the first cash was a little more than usual. But I just feel I have no room to play as getting a 10% edge in preflop just isn't poker. Might give Harrington a re-read as I've been very happy with my game on the whole in the last few tournaments I've played, despite being disappointed results wise.

Never got chips in behind until the final hand, where I push KQ in the hijack and the button has AK, yay to be dominated for tournament life!

Still nice to cash from what was essentially a free seat :-)

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