Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Positive progress

Ok since the last post giving myself a kick up the arse I have played four winning sessions of over 2 hours each, totaling ~6k hands for ~$1,200. I can't give exact figures as late one night my client crashed, but using my computer wizardry I was able to keep the process going and play on. This was good as I'd set up some history with players, but unfortunately it wasn't saving the HHs so I've about 300 hands untracked where I know I won about $200 more from my account balance.

I think the figure of 40k hands by month end was a bit much. But I am going to continue to play a few hours everyday. I've actually been pretty busy with other stuff too, so I'm happy in the fact that I'm actually doing stuff rather than sitting on my arse all day watching films. Saying that though you should all watch Wall-E, another Disney/Pixar masterpiece :-)

I've radically reworked a lot of aspects of my game in the last couple of weeks, and I'm very happy with the change. Everything has been working with great success thus far, though I did notice a few adjustments last session from some of the better regulars. Hopefully I can continue the winning run and finish on a nice earner for October.

My flight is now booked for Thailand for the 29th December and I am mega, mega looking forward to it. Especially now that it is cold outside and dark at half four. I need to get my form filled in for a double entry visa which I am going to do after typing this. Also happy that I should be able to get at least £2k for my car after doing a bit of research this afternoon.

Hopefully it's not going to drag on too much in the build up. I'm on a fitness drive leading up to going away, must get into decent shape for shorts, t-shirt and Kanye West sunglasses type of weather ;-) So that should keep me busy, and I'm also enjoying the poker more than ever. Gogogogo!

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Anonymous said...

is double entry form as you cannot differentiate the ladies from the ladyboys?