Friday, 24 October 2008

I am so lazy

Just been going over my stats for the month and what I've found is downright ridiculous. I've played 22 hours at my normal stakes for a measly $850 in just 10k hands. I am sure I played 10k hands in two days in September when I was seriously grinding to make my money back!

I guess that's contributed actually. I've been a bit scared to play and possibly lose $1k in a couple of hours, especially with the £ being worthless and the absolute guaranteed $ crash that is only just round the corner. Going on a bit of a tangent, you should definitely check out Zeitgeist the movie. Watch the original (bottom) one first, before you watch the sequel "Addendum". The original is in three parts (I) Religion (II) 9/11 (III) US War economics. Which is a pretty senseless storyboard but superbly well put together and definitely my most interesting viewing in a long time. The followup "Addendum" goes into heavy detail about the makeup of the American economy, and how we are all basically screwed eventually, with recession automatically built into the system. The latter parts of Addendum are a bit pipe-dream-ish, but very interesting nonetheless. I digress.

I've built up a bit of a roll on Full Tilt this last month. I created an account about a month ago basically just to rail the high stakes games on there. I thought sod it and deposited a couple of hundo bucks there too. I didn't play last month and at the start of October I could easily have withdrawn it all for a profit with the $ squeezing the £ lately. But no I'm a poker player so off to NL25 with it all and lets try to robusto the account. Well I'm on my way with over $500 profit in about 5 sessions and the BR at ~$750. I'll play NL50 now and try to get it at the $2k mark as another healthy poker BR. Anyway this is going to take a back seat, I'll only do this when I'm not fully with it and will just autopilot the smaller stakes. What I must do for the remainder of this month is...

Log some hands!

I'm at 10k at the moment and I've decided I must be at 40k by month end. The results should hopefully take care of themselves over such a sample. I'm very happy with my game lately and am happy that I'm erring on the side of aggression over caution, which will definitely win through at the small stakes over time.

Ok, go!

Good luck all :-)

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