Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Positive progress

Ok since the last post giving myself a kick up the arse I have played four winning sessions of over 2 hours each, totaling ~6k hands for ~$1,200. I can't give exact figures as late one night my client crashed, but using my computer wizardry I was able to keep the process going and play on. This was good as I'd set up some history with players, but unfortunately it wasn't saving the HHs so I've about 300 hands untracked where I know I won about $200 more from my account balance.

I think the figure of 40k hands by month end was a bit much. But I am going to continue to play a few hours everyday. I've actually been pretty busy with other stuff too, so I'm happy in the fact that I'm actually doing stuff rather than sitting on my arse all day watching films. Saying that though you should all watch Wall-E, another Disney/Pixar masterpiece :-)

I've radically reworked a lot of aspects of my game in the last couple of weeks, and I'm very happy with the change. Everything has been working with great success thus far, though I did notice a few adjustments last session from some of the better regulars. Hopefully I can continue the winning run and finish on a nice earner for October.

My flight is now booked for Thailand for the 29th December and I am mega, mega looking forward to it. Especially now that it is cold outside and dark at half four. I need to get my form filled in for a double entry visa which I am going to do after typing this. Also happy that I should be able to get at least £2k for my car after doing a bit of research this afternoon.

Hopefully it's not going to drag on too much in the build up. I'm on a fitness drive leading up to going away, must get into decent shape for shorts, t-shirt and Kanye West sunglasses type of weather ;-) So that should keep me busy, and I'm also enjoying the poker more than ever. Gogogogo!

Friday, 24 October 2008

I am so lazy

Just been going over my stats for the month and what I've found is downright ridiculous. I've played 22 hours at my normal stakes for a measly $850 in just 10k hands. I am sure I played 10k hands in two days in September when I was seriously grinding to make my money back!

I guess that's contributed actually. I've been a bit scared to play and possibly lose $1k in a couple of hours, especially with the £ being worthless and the absolute guaranteed $ crash that is only just round the corner. Going on a bit of a tangent, you should definitely check out Zeitgeist the movie. Watch the original (bottom) one first, before you watch the sequel "Addendum". The original is in three parts (I) Religion (II) 9/11 (III) US War economics. Which is a pretty senseless storyboard but superbly well put together and definitely my most interesting viewing in a long time. The followup "Addendum" goes into heavy detail about the makeup of the American economy, and how we are all basically screwed eventually, with recession automatically built into the system. The latter parts of Addendum are a bit pipe-dream-ish, but very interesting nonetheless. I digress.

I've built up a bit of a roll on Full Tilt this last month. I created an account about a month ago basically just to rail the high stakes games on there. I thought sod it and deposited a couple of hundo bucks there too. I didn't play last month and at the start of October I could easily have withdrawn it all for a profit with the $ squeezing the £ lately. But no I'm a poker player so off to NL25 with it all and lets try to robusto the account. Well I'm on my way with over $500 profit in about 5 sessions and the BR at ~$750. I'll play NL50 now and try to get it at the $2k mark as another healthy poker BR. Anyway this is going to take a back seat, I'll only do this when I'm not fully with it and will just autopilot the smaller stakes. What I must do for the remainder of this month is...

Log some hands!

I'm at 10k at the moment and I've decided I must be at 40k by month end. The results should hopefully take care of themselves over such a sample. I'm very happy with my game lately and am happy that I'm erring on the side of aggression over caution, which will definitely win through at the small stakes over time.

Ok, go!

Good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


So I changed my desktop backgrounds today to provide a bit of encouragement for me to to work hard in the build up towards heading out to Asia in December.

Left is somewhere deserted in the Philippines and right is a beach in southern Thailand. Gorgeous!! :-)

I then sorted out some old clothes that don't fit me anymore because we got a charity bag through the door this morning. I found £25 quid in two trouser pockets :-)

I then had a quick bash at the online pokering and this happened...

I'm now just waiting for these magical backgrounds to cure this man 'flu I've picked up and then I'm golden! :-)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Can't think of title

Can't think of any content either!

As you've noticed, I've not blogged in a while. I've been playing a little bit. I've made the cash back from the last post and a little more but I really should have played more. Especially as I spent a fortune in Newcastle last weekend with it being my first night out there in ages, and a good group of us out. Also the fact that I could pay for stuff on this magic newfound technology called a VISA card escalated things. Ah stuff it, had a great time :-D

I had wanted to play the NPF tourney but football commitments have put pay to that. I managed a full 90 minutes last weekend bagging two in the process. I also should have had an assist. I also should have probably been sent off. But hey great to be back playing and in amongst the banter :-D

Hoping to add to the tally this weekend, then it's off out on the beers for the England game (high hopes after Croatia anyone??) and then probably the £10 rebuy at the G. Have a good weekend all :-)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Can you be 7 (seven) buyins below equity in 3.5k hands?

Yes, yes you can.

I'll not bore you with more hand histories, they're all awful and depressing. And to think I've been watching My Name Is Earl lately too. Come on Karma!

Sigh :-(

Thursday, 2 October 2008

September Ends

Finished a smidge over $2k which is absolute tosh when you consider nearly all of that is rakeback and bonuses. September really, really sucked.

Edit: Hmmm just withdrew $2.5k and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's over £1.4k. Gogogogo USD!

I've not played in October yet. I have a feeling it is going to be epic, watch this space...