Monday, 15 September 2008

Has there ever been a good poker movie besides Rounders?

The answer is yes. If you're a poker fan you should definitely take the time to watch The Grand. It's a satirical look at stereotypical poker characters and their different lives, centered around a large tournament called 'The Grand'. There are a lot of cameos from big name players and a nice performance from Gabe Kaplan who you'll recognise from High Stakes Poker.

My poker personally is picking up a bit. I'm now out of the awful hole I was in but it's been a lot of work. I've been 10 tabling NL100 and have logged over 40k hands this month and it's only the 15th. That's 10k more than last month already. I've not been doing great, logging a small winrate of just over 1bb/100, but the sheer volume of play has meant I've accrued a large rake race bonus, as well as a bumper rakeback payment at month end.

I've definitely been getting outplayed and missing value in some spots though. Ten tabling is super hard. As I've now saved my bankroll from potential ruin I'm going to play only six tables at a time. I am comfortable 8 tabling but I really want to maximise my edge and play really good poker. I have rediscovered my work ethic (-$4k in 10 days can do that to you) so with the hours I am playing I'm hoping to put together a winning month which looked almost impossible last week. I have a real passion to play every hand perfectly now and am really enjoying playing.

Previously after a bad spell I would take a break and not play for a few days. This time I ploughed through it. It was pretty ugly and certainly tiring. I've not wanted to write about poker at all as playing 6k hands a day kind of turns every hand into a blur. Also a good poker cash tip for you, if you're not sure what to do, just bet. There were so many instances where I'd lose track of who the bettor was or what previous action was in a hand that I'd just throw a bet out and this definitely worked in the majority of cases. Again not ideal but you can't make them fold any other way ;-)

OK, back to the tables to play some perfect poker! Good luck all :-)

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i read about that film a while back in Poker Player magazine, then forgot about it.
I'll have to see it.

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