Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Ok since my last dismal post I have been playing an absolute shit load of hands. I set myself a challenge to win 10 buyins at NL50 to teach me a bit of patience and respect for the game again. This is a massively minus Happiness EV move as NL50 is an absolute dross pit of poker. I played 12k hands in a couple of days and only beat it for 5 buyins @ 5bb/100. I'm not even sure if it's beatable long term. The variance there is just insane. My advice to anyone trying to build a bankroll and move up from NL50 is thus: Stop. You can't beat NL50. Work harder and deposit enough to play NL100.

Anyway today I didn't fancy slow Chinese torture so played some NL100 ahead of schedule. But I saw some soft spots and managed to turn a nice $700 profit. So I am now even for the month if you count rakeback ;-p Lots more hands to come, I plan to play an insane amount of volume in September. Gl all and especially gl Soap in the Laddies Heads Up special tonight :-)

Edit: Soap progresses to Round 2 :-)


Pud's Poker said...

I think the micros are beatable but like you said they are so bad on variance it is unreal.

I was stuck in a rut at NL10 but after a tournemy win I am now rolled for the ungodly stakes of NL25 and the play is awful. I just can't get my head around playing ABC.

Good luck with taking shots again!

Anonymous said...

howay brengun, wheres the updates, I look forward to hearing the ups, downs and drama of your latest sessions...... its not often a kness can be that interesting. Oh and hows the poker going?