Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Different ways to win money at poker

Hi all, just wanted to post about my latest session at the online poker tables. I thought it only fair that I give some solid tips at the different ways you can win some cash for yourself.

Pushing your equity 101 - Getting it in preflop:

As you become more adept at hand reading you can manipulate opponents and create some good situations where you can get money in the pot in a dominating position. Some examples, here, here, and here.

Seeing those cards in the middle first because you're a nit:

Sometimes if you have a good idea of an opponents range, but would like to see a flop for whatever reason, this can be worked to your advantage also. You can set traps, or let your aggressive opponents bluff at you. If you feel like waiting for your opponent to put even more money in the pot as an underdog, you can wait until the turn to make your move. You can also get paid from drawing hands nicely on the turn.

Advanced concepts - Bluffing (being a spewy retard):

Sometimes you've gotta mix it up ya know?! With experience you are able to put opponents on certain types of hands that can't take much heat given the board texture.

So that was yesterday, with added images to express emotion. I'm so emo.

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