Monday, 25 August 2008

The weekend

Friday I ventured up to Newcastle to help Soap get Hold Em Manager on his laptop. He's been playing a lot more cash lately and for the amount of information this program can tell you relative to his stakes it's a no brainer for him to have it. His results have suffered since though, I'm sure that'll turn!

Later in the evening myself, Ben, Rich and JT play the £20 Second Chance at the G. And yes we were drinking. I made early promises to Candice and Monika that I would behave this time ;-) I really struggle to take these seriously anymore. I was sat next to Phil from the NPF and a couple of other forum members whose names I don't recall/didn't ask! I donked around early calling a raise in position w/78 the very first hand. I had posted both the SB and BB for arriving late, and assumed I just make up the extra 75 to match the raisers 150 bet. Nope, the 75 is dead and I have to put in another 150. I nonchalantly make the rest up hoping not to give away the fact I clearly have garbage. Flop is 89T two spades and the early raiser fires out a nervous cont bet. I pounce and make a 3x raise. The SB cold calls (lol) and raiser folds. Turn is an offsuit J and he insta shoves. This is like QJ or a flush draw ALLLL of the time, I think it out and decide to fold this time and of course he shows the flush draw and his proud bluff. I make a mental note to snap off anything from him in future and this is further confirmed with some horrible play from him later on. Still I think I win most retarded move of the evening...

I open KT clubs on the button for 3x and a young competent looking player min raises me out of the big blind. INSTA TILT. This is obvious mega strength but he min raised me out of position so I must be mega aggressive and take this down just so I can shout in his face afterwards how gay min raising is. I decide to just flat in position and make a move on a favourable flop. I flop an absolute monster with AK3 all diamonds giving me second pair, no kicker, no flush draw but some awesome backdoor draws. Running K-K for quads, running J-Q for broadway, running Club-Club-Club (on the 6th "Ocean" card obviously) for the flush etc etc. He leads into me for a pot sized bet. I can only really fold out black Queens which he never plays this way, but the enormity of my backdoor draws and the fact that he MIN RAISED ME means this is a clear shove. He sighs, calls, shows AA for top set saying "But I think you have a diamond". HAHAHA what a shit read youngster! I got the KT for second pair, awesome draw. Obviously the turn bricks cos I run terrible in tourneys. I reload.

I then see total garbage for infinity number of orbits. Phil plays one hand all night and still manages to double up on a really poor table. This point is emphasised even further when Ben is moved from his table to mine. The table chat is good though and I'm having a good time. This is aided by a decent two pint per level pace. I am flirting outrageously with the middle aged female dealer who was trying her hardest to set a stony demeanour with her dealing and I really didn't want this to happen. I can't remember her name, Christine was it? She loosens up a bit though and we all have a laugh, especially at her "I just knew" read with AK ;-) I see 63 off for the gazillionth time so get the iPhone out to play some virtual poker alongside. The game is pretty sweet and I pass it around to let people play a few hands.

Back to the live game and Rich exits first from the four of us, proving once and for all that he is the fattest. I eventually see 66 (Wahay!) UTG (sigh) but shove anyway cos I am FEARLESS BABY! (Sorry been watching Scotty Nguen clips). It gets through and I decide to show. I don't know why, this clearly doesn't achieve anything. Very next hand in the BB a tight, straightforward player opens from MP. It's folded to me and I see JJ. I decide to Hollywood it a bit and get a coin out out of my back pocket and flip it, then turbo shove whatever face it lands on to make it look like I am gambooling with a small pair and get him to call w/A9,AT or ideally TT-66 etc ;-) He insta calls and flips QQ and I look like a complete, super dickhead. It's all smiles and handshakes though at a nice friendly table. I sincerely wished Ben the best of luck and left to play 1/2 cash.

Everyone sits for 50BBs apart from two guys directly opposite me, one a young internet pro, and an older businessman who both buy for the max. This is the worst place for the money to be and I decide to nit it up and shortstack £100 also. Very first hand at a full table, UTG FUCKING MINRAISES. The red mist descends and I grab chips and make it something ludicrous like £28. Internet pro calls, business man calls and UTG looks like he's going to re-raise, thankfully he doesn't and just calls. Still not an ideal result for me! Flop is 9d5h3h, UTG checks and I ask the dealer how big the pot is. He helpfully replies "a lot". I give a wry smile and waited for him to count it as I didn't know how much I made it preflop but didn't want to give anything away. He doesn't move but the nice internet pro tells me there's about £100 out there and I only have one move. I guess he's folding then! I shove and take it down. Everyone thinks I have a monster here, and I did on the flop. I had Kh9h but everyone assumed I had QQ+. I take down a nice early pot and the beers continue.

My stack yo-yos from £150-80 for a couple of hours. Was a great game though with the young pro and businessman being by far the most active. Ben busts from the tourney and joins us at cash. He wins a nice 4-way all in pot w/AA but loses half it back soon after making a horror call w/2 pair on a 4 straight board. At least I save the shit poker for a £20 tourney ;-) Rich times a move nicely w/77 on a broadway flop and folds to the re-raise. Later JT busts and we all chip in £20 for combined £80 for him to gambool it up at blackjack. Sorry I mean minbet perfect strategy. But whatever.

I am now horribly squiffy and Monika jokes about cutting me out of the rounds. She's far too sweet for that though and they continue until right through to 5am. I play AJ tricky three way on a J6x flop with the internet pro and business man. I check back the flop in position after raising on the button. Turn is the a blankish 6 I was looking for, pro checks, businessman bets pot. I know he is bluffing but ideally I want him to put me in on the river which I'm pretty sure he would, so I flat call. Internet pro squeezes to a really gay amount a little more than a minraise. He had been very active but not stupid, clearly a very good player. I hated this bet amount but he really is putting me on 77-TT a lot of the time here. Businessman folds pretty quickly and I shove for not a lot more knowing I beat any Jack and expecting to see overs/and/or flush draw. He insta calls though and announces quads. I guess that line makes sense too! I am super super gutted here for some reason, I guess I'm a bit of a live fish and get much more involved and attached to the monetary aspect. I win and lose this much in a heartbeat regularly online. I guess the beer didn't help. He is cool though and offers to buy us a round so I only lost about £127 here instead of the full £130 :-D

It's pretty near chucking out time now so I don't reload but proceed to lose another £80 or so at Blackjack. JT proves that he has been playing incorrectly all this time despite showing a £5 return on the £20 we each gave him. I get berated for telling him to split 88 against a dealer T. I assure him this is correct, but we get screwed and I get the obvious "See I told you so!" response from him. This tilts me even further as you shouldn't be results oriented with BJ or poker, but he's my lift home so I'm nice ;-)

We make a late stop at the Jesmond bakery for some cold pizza, pasties, sausage rolls etc. There was quite a lot of choice actually. Which made it even more surprising when Ben asked for a whole unsliced loaf of brown bread and just ripped into it dry! Strange guy! We talk to some Greek guys outside about football and other bollocks, but they were annoying so we soon leave. Back to Ben's and the shop downstairs had was open so I get some steak crisps and Lucozade for the monster hangover that is surely only a few hours away.

Next day I set up Ben's Hold Em Manager which has turned on his boomswitch and he's delighted to be winning again now :-) Guess he's stole Soap's luck ;-) I drive back and get some rest as it's my sisters 21st on the Saturday.

This really was great to see everyone. My dad gave a cracking speech in between the horrible cheesy DJ's choice of tunes, and much fun was had. My sister being 21 and having lots of female friends there, with me being the fabled "older brother" obviously had it's advantages too. She was definitely a 9 ;-) Important thing was though that Sis had a great time, and she definitely did! Great occasion and great to see all the family :-)

Sunday I slept all day and I've not done much today either. Had a nap this afternoon and played for a couple of hours, logging a $250 loss. Pretty shitty actually, AK vs KQ in preflop loses, and a lot of races lost. I think I was all in preflop about 7 times, lost 3 as large favourite, lost 3 races, but won one with my AK beating KK! Still waiting for that $2k day at 1/2. It'll come! ;-)

Won't be playing tomorrow as out all day but hoping to put some wins together this week for a more substantial cash out at the end of August. You mustn't be results oriented though ;-)

Good luck all!


Anonymous said...

Good post pal, however your £25 return actually happened to be £40 but I guess you were too smashed to remember ;-P

Brenos said...

Split those 8s gay boy!

TEAMDOBB said...

Best post youve done enjoyed but ya ganna get some stick on the NPF Im afraid. Too many secrets given away and the Christine reveal was a massive 10 2 error mate 0:)